Large Wall Mirrors as Central Decoration in Terraced Apartment

The opportunity to live in a terraced apartment which is designed with large wall mirrors can give us a different atmosphere after all day works inside of a building. The terrace can be your favorite spot to soothe the mind. That is what this apartment that located in Kiev, Ukraine can give. The apartment has a wonderful terrace that can be an escape route for you who are tired of living inside a box. However, it doesn’t mean that the inside of the apartment will make you exhausted.

This terraced apartment building is quite big due to the large wall mirrors for a living room. The room is also quite airy due to lots of windows and the terrace. The rooms inside will not make you bored or tired. The interior of the apartment is filled with unique décor. The decoration will astonish you and makes you have a spirited vibe. Take a look at the living room and you will find a dark gray sectional sofa adorned with some throw pillows with a rectangular colorful pattern. Instead of boring color, thee plain dark gray color the color of the sofa strengthens the color of the attractive throw pillows. There is also a couch with the same rectangular colorful pattern with the throw pillows. The couches really make a stand out color among the wooden floor and the wooden coffee table that has a light color. The wooden floor and the wooden coffee table are separated by also an attractive color of the light green rug. So the living room truly has lively color.

The dining area uses a different approach of décor with the living room. They are separated by a glazed storage in which some quirky decoration is also put there. The dining set uses an elegant design to accompany your meals. The quirky décor that put on top of the table is some big candles which have the unique shape. There are also some glazed foods containers on top of the storage that keep the kitchen appliances intact.

As what stated above this is a terraced apartment with quirky decoration. If we take a look at the terrace, it has a neutral elegant look. The terrace is big enough to accommodate two patio furniture sets while it still gives a wide space to be roamed around. There is a patio set in an open area of the terrace with a sectional sofa and some sofas stools that gather around a glazed coffee table. They all has flashy but soft pink cushion with colored wooden frames. The other patio set is placed under the shadow of an outdoor shade. It also has wooden cane work textured frame. Although it is not a large framed wall mirrors, this terraced apartment still can make you feel thee breeze that will soothe you mind.

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