5 Simple Yet Surprising Home Improvement Tips That Can Increase Home Value


A lot of homeowners desire to increase the value of their home through home renovations projects. This is because getting a budget for this kind of project has now become easy, thanks to Mortgage Lender Fort Worth. Any homeowner can tap their home equity and use that money for whatever purposes they like, such as home renovation and improvement.

However, getting a significant sum of cash from your home equity doesn’t always mean that you can overdo your home renovation through expensive revamp just to increase its value. Below are the simple yet surprising home improvement tips that will not only add curb appeal but also increases the value of your home as well.

Plant a Small Tree

If you don’t have a plan on selling your house anytime soon, it is wise to plant a sapling now either in your lawn or in your backyard as part of your outdoor home improvement project. The sapling will eventually mature over time, and it will undoubtedly contribute to the overall appearance and curb appeal. After all, a fully grown tree can make your house to cut the cooling cost as high as 40 percent. Also, if it is appropriately placed, it can easily attract potential home buyers in the future.

Go Green


Similar to the benefits of planting a small tree, it is also better to partner it with greener plants instead of the colorful ones. To save you a lot of money, better choose plants that are native to your area and that are drought-tolerant. Choose also the type of plants that requires less maintenance and less water too such as peppermint, houseleek, or creeping jenny.

Say No to Popcorn

Gone are the days that popcorn on the ceilings looks fantastic. It is now a big no-no to home buyers; thus, it will harm your home market value. But instead of hiring someone to remove those popcorn ceilings, why not do it yourself instead? It might take a significant amount of time and effort, but it will be worth it. A clean looking ceiling is just one of the many factors that increase the home value.

Update Your Bathroom Details

Updating the bathroom doesn’t need to be expensive. Repaint the wall if it’s outdated. Add some paintings and replace old lights with LED to make it look beautiful and cleaner. Also, consider adding a bidet toilet seat. This inexpensive addition will not only add significant value to your home but also make your bathroom cozier like the one we see in some hotels.

Paint, paint, paint

Refinishing some of your old fixtures is a lot more cost-effective than replacing them with a new one. A freshly painted front door or window will make them look beautiful and updated. Also, don’t forget to include your old kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Whenever you plan to use your home equity loan from Mortgage Lender Fort Worth for home improvement projects, consider these simple tips mentioned above.