Alluring Bowl Sink Designs for Your Choice of Bathroom Fixture

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Alluring Bowl Sink Designs for Your Choice of Bathroom Fixture wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.There is always something truly attractive with the bowl sinks, which makes it unsurprising to see how they are also one of the popular options for a bathroom. It is especially true if your bathroom isn’t a heavy duty one where you also bathe your pet or baby and wash the clothes in the basin. It is because of how aesthetically pleasing the bowl sinks is; often show off their delicate forms. Even so, a bowl washbasin is also versatile and regardless of how minimalist your choice is, it will always stand out no matter what.

urna washbasin

[urna washbasin]

This beautiful pair of Urna bowl washbasins will be a great reference for you to start. As you can see, the washbasin is designed to be installed above the top. This countertop bowl sink offers a round shape that is both simple and attractive. And as you can easily notice, the bowl washbasins are always designed to be installed above the countertop in order to allow their graceful curve stand out wonderfully.

i bordi washbasin

[i bordi washbasin]

Meanwhile, this I Bordi washbasin has a more oval shape in term of design. Even so, it looks as stunning as always. We simply love how the choice of material makes a huge difference in this bowl sink design. Rather than the typical porcelain, it opts for a natural stone that offers a natural texture and color in a polished and minimalistic look that will blend in your modern bathroom space effortlessly.

catino washbasin

[catino washbasin]

Meanwhile, this catino washbasin induces a more classic vibe that will guarantee you a timeless appeal no matter how many years have passed, much thanks to its versatile and simple design. Unlike the other bowl sinks, this one shows a flat bottom featuring a round structure instead. Even so, you can still see how the soft curve beautifully forms as the sink flows towards the base, thus creating a delicate look that will easily soften any sharp, clean lines in your modern bath.

ago washbasin

[ago washbasin]

There is also the ago washbasin, which offers you both style and functionality. Its bowl inspired shape is improved by the soft curves and delicate lines to create both attractive look and versatile design. Just like the one we show before, this Ago washbasin also exudes that classical, timeless flair.

es cubells washbasin

[es cubells washbasin]

The round shape this es cubells washbasin shows is simply alluring to the eye. Unlike common bowl washbasins, this one is wider and less deep. Even so, this can still create the similar timeless appeal to make sure that this fixture will never get out of style easily. For you who prefer a lower sink for your choice of bathroom sink, this will make an ideal choice.

inbilico washbasin

[inbilico washbasin]

If you prefer to add something distinct to your bathroom washbasin design, then this inbilico washbasin series will make a truly interesting choice worth considering. As you can easily notice, it looks like this bowl sink is not installed properly, but this is actually what makes the whole point of the design. The seemingly off-balance design definitely will make a simple yet visually attractive touch in your bathroom space!

mizu washbasin

[mizu washbasin]

Both simple and elegant, this mizu washbasin is a wonderful example of how even a basic bathroom fixture can still evolve without neglecting its functionality. Notice the central cut splitting this bowl sink into two, thus creating a gap enough for the water to drain into the drain hole, hidden perfectly underneath the surface.

cellule washbasin

[cellule washbasin]

This cellule washbasin may seem like a typical freestanding one, but this adds something that will make your bathroom a better space. Rather than offering only a freestanding bowl sink, this one also features a towel holder and trays that surely will provide the much needed surface a freestanding sink often has to eliminate due to its design.

reestanding washbasin octagon villeroy

[reestanding washbasin octagon villeroy]

Meanwhile, this freestanding washbasin octagon villeroy emphasizes on how the simplicity is just another way to describe elegance. The simple round shape meets the base of a perfect fit establishes a seamless flow that will make this fixture an ideal choice even in your contemporary bath.

slow wood washbasin

[slow wood washbasin]

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