Shower Niches in Your Bathroom for Better Convenience in Style

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Shower Niches in Your Bathroom for Better Convenience in Style wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.Shower niches can always become a great feature to add in your bathroom. Mostly, they are a great one to add storage space in the room without having to create such an unappealing bump that may prevent you from creating a seamless and unobstructed look in your bath. In addition to that, you can also embrace the recess in a truly stylish manner that absolutely will also influence the look of your bathroom space at the same time.

family friendly bathroom with shower

[family friendly bathroom with shower]

In your bathroom a shower niche will easily serve as a catchall to hold all the shower essentials, such as bottles of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. This recess is typically open with no door or cover, so all the stuffs sitting there are always reachable whenever you need them. This is why a shower niche will always make a highly useful feature in a family bathroom, just like this one with shower. If the bathroom is also used by your kids, be sure to adjust the height of the niche so they can still reach it.

three sheelves in the niche shower ceramic garden stool

[three sheelves in the niche shower ceramic garden stool]

As we have briefly mentioned before, the shower niche can help you boost the storage capacity in your bathroom. In addition to that, you can even do this without having to take up more space inside, unlike what usually happens if you decide to install a cabinet or a shelving unit.

Due to the design, a shower niche is recessed so you can still manage to avoid any unsightly obstruction in the room. This is why such a small alcove is highly popular in a smaller bathroom with a small shower room!

types of tiles bathroom

[types of tiles bathroom]

Typically, a shower niche is long with the number of shelves adjusted to the particular needs of the users. In this beautiful shower room, you can see the tall shower niche accenting the tiled wall. We really love the use of various types of tiles bathroom here that allows the alcove to stand out, thus adding a touch of attractive look for a more refreshing shower room.

red bench in shower and niches

[red bench in shower and niches]

The similar decorative touch can also be found in this gorgeous gray bathroom and shower room, in which a red bench pops effortlessly for a punch of accent color. As you can see, contrasting the bathroom wall tiles, the recess opts for a different texture that mimics the garden pebbles.

Inspired by the Japanese roten buro

[Inspired by the Japanese roten buro]

In this modern minimalist bathroom inspired by the Japanese roten buro, the choice of mosaic tiles in a monochromatic color scheme is also echoed by the accent tiles decorating the wall. Not only is this matching the interior color scheme, you can also see how this touch also ensures the niche not to look out of place.

large shower niche blue tiles

[large shower niche blue tiles]

If you wish to add a dose of color to serve as an accent in your bathroom, the expanding, large shower niche blue tiles here will easily become your ultimate inspiration. In this narrow shower room that is dominated by sleek white subway tile, the expanding shower niche will quickly refresh the space thanks to the choice of bold teal tiles.

marble and mosaic bathroom full niche

[marble and mosaic bathroom full niche]

You can also create such a visual statement using your bathroom full niche by choosing a shade darker or brighter than the bathroom wall tiles. In this elegant monochrome bathroom, the dark gray mosaic tiles for the shower niche easily become a design statement amidst the gorgeous white marble!

shower niche can basically any shape

[shower niche can basically any shape]

Bear in mind that your shower niche can basically any shape. Although the square and rectangular ones make the most common options, it doesn’t mean they’re the only one. The same also goes for the size and height of each shelving unit included in your shower niche. If you have taller, larger bottles, be sure that you have enough room for them.

make the niche stand out niche lighting

[make the niche stand out niche lighting]

On the other hand, you can also blend your shower niche with its surrounding by choosing the same material found on the shower walls. However, you can also make this recess stand out by adding lighting, just like what this beautiful bathroom shows.

large shower walk in design with wall built in niches

[large shower walk in design with wall built in niches]

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