Comfortable Cool Beds for Best Sleep Quality

Bring new ambience to the bedroom with convenient cool beds that you can find in bedroom section in any furniture stores. These alluring beds will be good choice to beautify an ordinary bedroom without hardly change its whole theme. All that you need to do is walk to your favorite furniture stores, choose which will be fit, pay it, and then you can have it delivered right to your home. And the fun room arrangement can be start.

Some interior designers have created well-designed cool beds that can be included in cool category. Not only alluring, this beds also get the ergonomics matter. The chic beds are where you can sleep well every night, for instance, a beds that inspired by form of a book. Its designer, Yusuke Suzuki specially designed these beds for accommodating small spaces. In the daylight, the book-inspired beds can be folded up and used as carpet. Then, when the bedtime comes, you just simply open it up as easy as open a book page. Besides its usefulness, it’s a stylish bed too. The book-inspired bed made from good quality dark brown cotton as basic and soft white mattress above the brown cotton. Like a book, it has “back book” that served as partition that made two “pages”. This book-inspired bed can be used together by two people.

Another appealing bed design was made by Kayla Kromer. This bed will get childhood memories back, the day when we imagined being inside a hamburger that will be eaten by wicked giant. Yes, she made a scrumptious hamburger bed! Kromer combined an old brown round chair as the bottom bun with her own handmade stuffs. She put a darker brown round-cut mattress above the round chair as fried ham, then yellow square bedcover as cheese, light green blanket as lettuce, red pillow as tomato, and the last, a brown round mattress on the top as top bun. The top bun even has white mini ball details as scattered sesames.

For you who want to make some space for bedroom on the attic, you can try hammock bed. Le Beanock has designed a white minimalist bed, with four chains on each corner. Just set the chains to the higher corner and the hammock bed is done. For additional ornaments, Le Beanock adds three cute pillows:  a fury pillow, an elegant purple pillow, and a dark brown pillow. These cool beds will be a wonderful choice for bedroom.

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