Concrete Fire Pit for Lakeside House Exterior Design

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Concrete Fire Pit for Lakeside House Exterior Design wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.In this world, we can find so many kinds of the lakeside house buildings with contemporary design of concrete fire pit. In this case, we have one example of it. The house is located in Pender Harbor, British Columbia, Canada. What is the house? The house is well known called as Pender Harbor House. The house is located in lakeside and it is beautified with the existence of panoramic lake views.

Well, here are several designs that are included in this article based on the pictures. The lakeside house plan with concrete fire pit designs is built facing to the lake and it is applied in glass constructions as dominant. To combine the glass construction, we will find the existence of rich wood as frame and the main construction. The house is located in middle of greenery and on the big rocks. The building is stylized in irregular shapes and to reach other building, they make bridge. Outdoor of the house, we will find the opened balcony with concrete floor. It includes the white chaise lounge.

It is nice to get the interior design and decoration of this house. There are many bold color palettes applied. In this case, we want to get review of the dining table it includes big wooden table with some bold red chairs included. To decorate the room, they apply greet root resembling chandelier in creamy and red color. It is so interesting. The dining table is located in front of the kitchen with wooden counter as well along the wall side. They complete it with some counter included the black chairs.

Well, to get more design and details of this house, we need to look more at the pictures following. In this case, we have some designs that included in those pictures. This lake house can be one of the inspirations that lead us to have magnificent views. Therefore, the lakeside house plan design which applies concrete fire pit area for the outdoor heater in this case will guide us to that kind of inspiration.

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