Fresh Looking Design for Bathroom with Corner Bathtub

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Fresh Looking Design for Bathroom with Corner Bathtub wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.It is true that a bathtub is not just functioning as a place to take a bath. Sometimes people love to relax for a while there and even spend a really long time to enjoy themselves there. It means that the bathtub can actually be large in size and that there are many things possibly to be added there for the better appeal of the bathtub itself. When designed properly, the bathtub can also be enhancing the decoration of the bathroom. One common design in using a large bathtub with fresh appeal is elegant bathroom with large space.

bay windows in bathroom

[bay windows in bathroom]

A great addition to any bathroom with a large piece of bathtub placed on its corner is definitely a large bay window. The window overlooking the beauty of the outside especially when the house is located in the middle of the beauty of nature is a great idea to enhance the design of the bathroom. Clearly it is also going to be a great spot to spend a lot more time relaxing.

mountain style bathroom big boulders inside

[mountain style bathroom big boulders inside]

Following the idea of having a large set of bay window, boulder rocks can be used to surround the tub for a more natural accent of the bathroom. They can be used to form stairs to enter the tub as well as simply accentuating the walls around the tub.

marble bathroom tiles corner built in tub

[marble bathroom tiles corner built in tub]

Marble tiles will never fail to beautify any decoration of bathroom. Even with a contemporary corner bathtub placed inside the bathroom, marble tiles all around the tub can make it even better. The tiles can simply be placed half of the wall in which the upper wall can accentuate the decoration in other colors.

contemporary bathroom with corner freestanding tub

[contemporary bathroom with corner freestanding tub]

freestanding tub on a platform

[freestanding tub on a platform]

More into a contemporary décor of a bathroom, even a freestanding tub will look nice on a corner with an all cream tone bathroom. The bathroom will look sleek and modern for sure. An additional platform with the different height as the main floor of the bathroom can also be used to accentuate the placement of the tub for the better appeal.

corner built in bathtub with steps

[corner built in bathtub with steps]

master bathroom with built in bathtub

[master bathroom with built in bathtub]

A well placed tub on a corner of a bathroom with steps can really look great. Moreover when a pair of twin vanity placed on both sides of the wall next to the tub with wooden material used is a nice one. The look is pretty awesome. Long style built-in tub can be placed well in a master bathroom for the better look. Glass cover can be added to enhance the elegant factor. The corner can be used as a place to put some bath supplies as well since the tub is a long style.

soaking tubs are deep and small

[soaking tubs are deep and small]

Those with a pretty limited space for the bathroom can simply make use of a soaking tub which is actually small but deep. It does not need a lot of space to place. The floor below can be elevated a bit to accentuate the tub itself.

more bathroom space by placing tub in corner

[more bathroom space by placing tub in corner]

Squeezing both the tub

[Squeezing both the tub]

It is actually true that a tub placed on a corner will be able to free more space in a small bathroom. Yet the tub should not be the one that is too big though. Both the toilet and the tub can actually be squeezed in a small space of a bathroom with a vanity on the other end of the tub. The result will be awesome when placed properly.

So, it is actually pretty easy to enhance the look of a bathroom with corner tub in it. Many things can be added there close to the tub to get the better appeal of the decoration inside the bathroom as well as the better functionality of the bathroom. It can even work in a small bathroom.

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