Faux Wood Beams for Loft Interior Design in the Attic

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Faux Wood Beams for Loft Interior Design in the Attic wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.Choosing a perfect loft design with faux wood beams for your house’s attic might be tricky. Since it has not been used for a long time, you might also find difficulties in cleaning it up. But the design created by TECON in Romania might inspire you to modify your attic into a beautiful and lovable loft. This loft was made for an old house. This becomes one of the benefits since the old house usually has higher attic, leaving us with enough space for modification.

Do you want to know how amazing the house is? In creating loft interior design, you should always be reminded of its area and original composition such as the rustic faux wood beams. The loft’s composition usually has already had wood frames and support to hold the roof. As we cannot put it away, it is wise enough to turn the support into the room’s decoration. It means that the entire loft shall be designed in accordance with the existing property. Undoubtedly, the designer chose wood as the main theme of the loft.

The loft’s floor is covered by laminated wood floor as combined with white rugs to create contrasting hue in the room. It gets even prettier when the furniture choice falls on green and purple sofa located on the center of the room. The seats are placed surrounding the glass coffee table. On the back of the sofa, we can find an unfurnished wooden desk having similar hue to that of the floor. At the other corner of the room, we could find a lounge chair and wall mounted cabinets.

Since the loft has proper height, the designers put wooden stairs leading to the upper level. In this level of the loft, you will be much entertained with the glass floor. The floor is supported by wood frames. There is no need to worry that you will fall as the support is strong enough to handle weight. The upper level is where the residents could use the telescope for stargazing through the glass ceiling. This beautiful loft housing design with faux wood beams vaulted ceiling also provides the residents with tiny bathroom on the second floor.

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