Fireplace Mantel Ideas in Elegant Apartment Interior Design

Looking at this house can make us recall Haussmann revolution in design since this house applies fireplace mantel ideas. Hence the name Baron Haussmann was attributed to this house. The house is designed by a French designer Bertrand Benoit, so no wonder that it incorporate Parisian design in its design. The house interior is mainly denoted by its wall design that applied European style with its wall plaques in a rectangular shape that adorns almost all of the entire rooms in the house.

The fireplace mantel ideas modern that applied in this house can easily be noticed by the use of European vintage furniture. The furniture has some curved elements on it. For example, the chair in the living room that has the unique curved wooden frame, and the other chair that has sleek and curved wooden frame.

The colors of the furniture and decoration mainly consist of some shade of grayish colors that give a sense of elegant design. The chairs’ and sofa’s cushion in the living room use some different shade of gray. The rug that furnishes the living room also uses a dark shade of gray that strengthens the presence of the wooden framed sofa and the dark gray framed coffee table above it.

Unique decoration with stylistic appearance placed in many spots of the house such as on the coffee table and on the dining table. The dining area which has white metal framed dining table and white chairs are furnished by beautiful hanging lamp above it. Near those dining set, there is another fireplace which has distinguished European sill made of marble. The texture of the marbles comes together with its beautiful plaques. To enhance the elegant look, the floor of the house is covered in the wooden parquet floor. The wooden floor with fireplace insert mantel ideas gives an exquisite texture that completes the atmosphere of elegance in this Parisian interior design style house.

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