Maximizing Bathroom Space Using Corner Shower

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Maximizing Bathroom Space Using Corner Shower wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.One of the common things about bathroom is the fact that the space will not be large. A bathroom will most likely to be a small area in which it has to be able to provide the required features of a completely functional bathroom. Surely dealing with corners in a small area will make it even harder with the purpose of maximizing the available space. Fortunately it is actually possible to really get the highest level of functionality of corner spaces in a bathroom by using the one idea known as corner shower.

space saving solution with corner showers

[space saving solution with corner showers]

A corner shower can definitely be the perfect solution for those with a really limited space for a bathroom. The shower with glass cover around is the best bet in which glass will also contribute to the visually larger space accent. Meanwhile the surrounding should be in bright tone for the better overall appeal of the decoration.

make the most of your bathroom with corner showers

[make the most of your bathroom with corner showers]

limited bathroom floor space corner shower

[limited bathroom floor space corner shower]

Even a bathroom with a bathtub can still get the benefit of corner shower. It can be placed next to a bathtub and a vanity on the other side leaving just enough space for an opening. Making use of a certain pattern inside the bathroom such as squared pattern is also a great idea to be combined with corner shower. Half of the corner shower is actually brick wall which makes it a bit unique.

shower corners designed for large bathrooms

[shower corners designed for large bathrooms]

large shower stall design

[large shower stall design]

Surprisingly a large bathroom may be using this thing to deliver an even larger accent of the space. It will be able to create an empty space in the middle of the bathroom for better movement in the bathroom.

An L-shape vanity in dark brown tone on one side and a bathtub on the other side of the shower will complete the design. When the space is not a problem, the shower itself can be enlarged. Despite of being placed on a corner, the shower in a large bathroom can really be a large one with the space for more than the size of 3 people.

traditional bathroom master design

[traditional bathroom master design]

traditional bathroom featuring shower and bathtub

[traditional bathroom featuring shower and bathtub]

A little bit traditional accent of the decoration may be working just fine within a bathroom with a corner shower. Wooden accent everywhere with half wall shower is a great idea of creating a traditional decoration. In the middle of the bathroom there is even a couch.

On the other hand this idea of traditional bathroom can be created to be a warm decoration style. White and brown tone inside will be perfect as long as there is a bathtub and a shower at the same time as the characteristic of traditional bathroom.

master bathroom with corner shower

[master bathroom with corner shower]

Moving into another idea is the contemporary appeal of bright shade of wall with marble pattern inside the corner shower. The cover of the shower is completely in glass with a few accent of wood in the vanity doors at some spots just to eliminate boring accent of the decoration. It is also possible to make it a highly customized and personally matched to individual needs and preferences regarding this corner shower.

custom corner shower design

[custom corner shower design]

blue bathroom design penny floor tiles and corner shower

[blue bathroom design penny floor tiles and corner shower]

A clear example is that the shower can be built to really match the available corner space in a limited space bathroom. The color scheme can also be cute as in a blue bathroom with neutral tone all around it. An all-glass shower is perfect for this one.

A bathroom can always be maximized when the things inside are all the perfect choices. Amidst the things to do in order to get the best appeal and the best functionality of the bathroom is by using corner shower. The shower placed in the corner spaces will greatly increase the use of space inside the bathroom itself.

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