Kitchen Cabinet for Narrow House Design in Australia

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Kitchen Cabinet for Narrow House Design in Australia wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.The rarity of residence lot has pushed people to have a small house with elegant kitchen cabinet. Having that kind of house is not a bad thing, though. Even a house that located in Perth, Australia has applied an incredible narrow lot design. The house was designed by Matthews McDonalds Architects in 2012. This is a new house that was built on the demolished area of the old house since the owner wanted to have a new comfy family home which uses steel framing.

The house was made to be eco-friendly with its photovoltaic panels attached on its exterior. The passive energy intake also used to save the electricity, so there are a lot of glazed windows to harness the sunlight. Rain water harvesting system and hybrid ventilation and air conditioning system give the room extra credits in saving the environment. Those really show a tender feeling of the owner to its environment and neighborhood who have lived there for years as the couple is enjoying the amenity area. So instead of moving away they decide to demolish the old house, find narrow house designs with wooden kitchen cabinet and build a new one.

The glazed wall as an element that is incorporated into the house gives a luminescence look to the interior design. The narrow home design has made the sunlight can reach to most of the entire house. The living room which has dark scarlet furniture such as sectional sofas and a vanity desk equipped with a light colored coffee table, get a bright light that comes through the trellis of the glazed wall. The same condition also applied in a kitchen area which ha wooden colored storages and cabinets marble countertop.

Basically wood also becomes the central element of the interior design. The wooden interior can be seen on the light wood colored flooring. The steps of the stairs have dark wood color furnishing. The living space in the entry level and sleeping area in the upper level are connected by this chair. Almost from every room, the people inside it can see the outside view including the long swimming pool that placed inside the concrete fence of the house. Those features with kitchen cabinet height have employed one of the amazing narrow homes designs Australia that has made use of its narrow lot and sloping terrain well.

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