Kitchen Stools as Kitchen Sitting Furniture in Home Renovation Concept

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Kitchen Stools as Kitchen Sitting Furniture in Home Renovation Concept wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.This home renovation which has kitchen idea with kitchen stools in Regensburg, Germany is wonderfully done by Fabi Architeketen. Originally a 1930s home built for Nazi, this home named as Zwischen-Raum has been renovated to showcases the modernity without destroying its original yet historical building. This home is also renewed by adding additional living space that looks wonderfully modern.

The exterior of the original and additional building perfectly contrasts each other. As you can see, the original one still preserves its traditional look which is revived by the clean and bright white exterior. In contrast, the modern extension as part of this home renovation idea with kitchen stools wooden showcases the simple, cubic architectural design with black exterior. The changes does not stop there; the modern home extension also employs the transparent glass element extensively to allow this living space opens to the fresh and lush green courtyard and environment.

Today, what we will take you to see today is the modern home extension to this Zwischen-Raum. Stepping inside the additional living space, you will be welcomed by the airy and spacious impression due the all-white interior design. It is also maximized by the minimalist approach used to this extension’s interior, which allows this living space appears to be bright and clean. The brighter look is wonderfully created, along with the airy feeling and spacious look, due the use of floors-to-ceilings transparent glass windows, which undoubtedly would bring in the refreshing green splash from greenery outdoors.

Everywhere you see indoors is the neat, simple, and uncluttered look for this modern home extension. Just take a look at this modern dining space that is wonderfully designed with minimalist approach. The comfortable dining set showcases the stunning modern black chairs and simple table with thick wooden top and slim legs. With the floors-to-ceilings glass windows as part of this home renovation idea interior such as the kitchen stools with backs, you can see how refreshing it is to enjoy the delightful dining time while with the refreshing green splash to accompany.

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