Lounge Chair for Rocky Californian House among Huge Coarse Scenery

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Lounge Chair for Rocky Californian House among Huge Coarse Scenery wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.Dry and hot weather are seizing the Californian house with lounge chair, and it looks like cave-in building, and perhaps no one could recognize it. The hidden location is keeping it safely and thus creates natural fence on it. The much brown views standing beside the green looks around and they are living peacefully. By the peaceful living around, the nuances are good for staying here, and the homeowner will feel comfort and enjoy here.

O2 Architecture has unique and creative idea to design this house building in almost rock area. As if in the dessert hot weather and condition are completing the natural and original feel. The flat roof building is creating distinct California house design with lounge chair outdoor and its original slot. The brown themes are surrounds and filled it in the all direction; surely the area is broad and free. The only one building is owning large yard outside with unlimited viewpoint from the front, back and side view. Brown rocks are deliberately left there to show the grandeur effect and look. Even it looks unique and fun because the coarse rocks can be the vacant facility beside the house.

Not only the large brown rocks, but this area is also providing brown sands for the main soil there. Perhaps when the building processes occur, the materials are moved with the crane because of the condition. Get closer to the house; it looks modern and stylish because the flat roof and simple model are used on it. The outdoor patio is lovely and very delightful Moreover when the summer comes, it will be a right time for sunbathing on it. The almost brown areas are balanced with some green plants which are naturally grown. So beside the dry and hot effect, it has a little fresh green nuance.

Natural is not only shown by the green things, but brown and rocks can also be the natural environment and views. It is different and unique while most of the house buildings appeal green for the fresh nuance. The California house design ideas which apply lounge chair cushions are matches with the surrounding weather and condition.

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