Stylish Modern Shower Fixtures to Add Class in Your Bathroom Space

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Stylish Modern Shower Fixtures to Add Class in Your Bathroom Space wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.Similar to a kitchen, a bathroom is also often a place where modernity is often reflected from the choice of fixtures. Such modern fixtures mostly feel right at home, featuring a clean and simple design that is emphasized by the minimalist structures and lines. And the result is simply amazing, in which your bathroom interior thus may look totally chic and fresh. With a variety of designs for shower fixtures, you surely have more than enough inspirations to look at, such as the ones we present only for you below. Here they are!

wood shower head

[wood shower head]

Without a doubt, your choice of shower head is always a critical consideration not only in terms of functionality, but also aesthetics. This wood shower head will make an ultimately distinct choice, proving that stainless steel isn’t the only material to give a minimalist and modern appeal in your bathroom space. The straightforward and simple design it presents allows the natural charm to stand out effortlessly.

overhead shower head shelves bougies

[overhead shower head shelves bougies]

Meanwhile, these overhead shower head shelves bougies offer you a truly interesting idea. This shower head design also includes a shelving unit incorporated into each shower head. The surface offered isn’t as spacious, indeed, but you can still optimize the available room even for decorative accessories or scented candles to help set the ambience.

gaia ceiling mounted overhead shower

[gaia ceiling mounted overhead shower]

This modern Gaia overhead shower head is mounted to the ceiling space, offering the sleek and modern design with a simple charm. Even so, it doesn’t mean this cool fixture design is plain. Rather, we personally find the colored LED strip lights manage to create the cool impression.

wall mounted stainless steel overhead shower

[wall mounted stainless steel overhead shower]

On the other hand, this stainless steel overhead shower oozes a totally cool futuristic design appeal. Mounted to the wall, this sleek and modern overhead shower head will always find it easy to introduce modernity in your bathroom space.

skidoo shower panel with overhead

[skidoo shower panel with overhead]

As we all know, a shower head is not the only option we can consider installing to design a truly refreshing bathroom and shower space. You can also opt for a shower panel to install instead, such as this Skidoo shower panel. The simple and attractive shape offers an alluring sculptural design that will also make it possible for this fixture to fit seamlessly in your contemporary bath. Featuring an overhead, this modern and sleek shower panel can always make your shower time totally refreshing!

ametis led shower panel

[ametis led shower panel]

Alternatively, what about this uber cool Ametis LED shower panel to complement your stylish and amazing bathroom space? This stylish and modern fixture embraces the continuous lines that create both smooth and fluid look, thus adding a small but significant touch to soften its look.

boma korakril shower panel

[boma korakril shower panel]

You may also want to consider installing this amazing shower panel too. Named Boma Korakril, this stylish and modern fixture may be a perfect fit even if you have a small bathroom with limited space to work with. We personally admire the gorgeous curvy design that extends from the overhead shower to the panel, creating a softness to boost its visual impression. The minimal design also allows this fixture to blend effortlessly with its surrounding, including your bathroom space.

zucchetti wall mounted overhead shower

[zucchetti wall mounted overhead shower]

Let’s go back to the shower head and take a look at this zucchetti wall mounted overhead shower series. Its shower head, as you may have noticed, offers a distinct flexibility that allows you to adjust the direction where the water will cascade in. You can also notice that the arm is adjustable, which makes such a convenience even more possible.

air showerhead by massimiliano

[air showerhead by massimiliano]

This incredible air showerhead by Massimiliano will easily appeal you with its gorgeous design. The sleek stainless steel material of this wall mounted shower head embraces the modernity brilliantly, though it doesn’t seem so awkward even when you wish to create a nature-inspired spa-like shower room this illustration depicts.

sky shower by dornbracht

[sky shower by dornbracht]

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