Small Bedroom Color Selection Guide

What is the best colors for small bedroom? Below are some inspirations and friendly advice.

1. Lighting. Yes, the GE Reveal are the ones that I swear by, and coincidentally, are the ones that the interior decorator I’d hired also swears by. Consider a hanging light pendant or two to draw your eye upwards.

2. If you can, get something for the walls to draw your eye upward. Any quilts you can hang? Pictures? Photos? I recommend pops of color.

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3. If it’s not too much of a splurge, get a headboard for the bed. It’ll add some presence to that furniture piece and make it look less clinical.

4. Get rid of or paint that cabinet. Give it some inspire sparkle with interesting knobs–colored glass, crystal or clear Lucite, for example, or maybe something porcelain with a bold peacock-y color?

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Yet another way to go would be a mix of some very vibrant paint colors and accessory/fabric patterns of the sort you see in Morocco, India or New Mexico (or rooms influenced by those places). Moroccan-style ceiling lights or punched-tin sconces or other such lighting would also be very dramatic in this setting or against some deep plummy walls. With enough color and pattern (and good lighting), your eyes will be so entranced, you probably won’t even notice the lack of natural light.

An additional option would be to have some big leafy plants with some can lights on the floor behind them, creating shadows and pattens from the play of lights on the leaves.

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For paint color, I’d heard dark was the way to go (nope), light was the way to go (maybe?) — but what made the most sense to me was when I read that medium is the way to go in rooms with little light. I chose Martha Stewart’s cement gray (color matched in Behr premium plus ultra)– even though I live in a very cloudy city. I love it — my curtains and some of my chairs are white, and my bookshelves are dark (espresso?) — I add in pops of color in accessories and painted an accent wall in one room a nice yellow and another accent wall in another room, white. (I wish I’d gone a little more mustardy on the yellow).

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Adding more lighting will 100% make the biggest difference. Since it looks to be a smaller room, I suggest looking into some wall-mount sconces. Ikea makes some nice plug-in ones so you don’t have to get an electrician involved. Grayed colors tend to look a little sad in poorly lit rooms, and I find that in a place with very little light, whites also look somewhat depressing. I wouldn’t necessarily go very dark, but a color with a little more depth can help stave off that shadow-y feel. If you want to keep with a neutral, I’d look at BM’s Grant Beige or Inuksuk. A little darker and a little less gray, but in the same sort of family as Edgecomb Gray.

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