Stone Walls with Brown Color Interior Design for Elegant Home Interior

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Stone Walls with Brown Color Interior Design for Elegant Home Interior wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.An exclusive residence in Florida used a natural color scheme to create an earthy brown color interior design inside with stone walls. Phil Kean Designs was chosen to manage this house manufacturing. The developer used a natural element like; stone, wood, and architectural accessories to fulfill both of interior and exterior design. Located in the middle of crowd Winter Park, this sophisticated shelter perfectly blended with its streamlined design.

Now, we start from stone walls interior elements. Stone has used to decorate entire house. Begin from façade until the backside of the house; you will find various types of stone. Limestone, granite, marble, and other natural stones have used to boost earthy tone and added as accessories. Floor, for example, the whole part of ground floor used gold bars marble tiles. While the swimming pool has surrounded by silvery marble, this blends nicely with the azure water. Limestone has used as pylons and natural walls. They are consciously installed on apt parts to increase natural sense.

Wood is essential elements to create the interior design-brown color scheme which accentuates natural theme. Wood, as we know is useful in storing temperate and automatically brightens. Kitchen and upper level have used wood accents for interior decoration. The floor in this level is entirely covered by wood. Assisted by a brown color scheme, an entire part of upper ground looks more vivid and lively. In the other hand, kitchen cabinets on the lower ground have also made from timber sanded in perfection.

Kitchen Island beside the dining room also used a combination between smooth brown wooden cabinets and natural marmoreal stone. Besides used as materials to construct, wood and stone elements also used as fixtures and appliances. Brown, white and gold scheme has chosen as well. Those colors could mix perfectly with natural elements such as stone and wood suitably. Gradation of soft up to thick brown colors in each section of the entire house create heavenly earthy both of exterior and interior decoration. But the most appropriate interior design color scheme ideas have come from considering of elements and fixture of stone walls design you are going to use first.

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