The Specialities of Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile Flooring

The ceramic tiles, as well as the porcelain tiles, enhance the beauty and durability of your floor, walls and counter-tops in your house especially the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways and other spaces both interiors and exteriors in your house. The ceramic and porcelain tiles made out of clay and minerals are fit for moisture-prone areas of your house like bathrooms, kitchen, porches, basements, and laundry rooms. The durability of ceramic and porcelain tiles can never be compared with other flooring materials like hardwoods, marbles, glass or other stone flooring materials. Get in touch with Carreaux Metro céramiquesporcelainefor any design, colour, a pattern of shape of ceramic or porcelain the tiles for your floor, walls and counter-tops.

You may feel all tiles hard. But some tiles particularly the ceramic and porcelain tiles are extra harder because of their manufacturing technologies. You may further consider the strength of a tile by its hardness. The bisque or popularly called the biscuit or in simple understanding, the body of a tile is made for specific use and the thickness of a tile certainly refer its strength.Nevertheless, the strength of ceramic and porcelain tiles are determined by their composition of clay, water and minerals, further by its duration of firing and the temperature they get in the kiln. The strength and hardness ,as well as the stain-scratch-moisture-resistance of flooring tile,are generally rated by MOHS ratings and when you rate ceramic and porcelain tile through MOHS ratings, no doubt your first choice will be the ceramic or porcelain. However, you can further check with the MOHS rating to determine which tile to consider which room or space as per the following groupings of the tiles.

The group one is considered best for residential bathroom floors particularly the guest bathrooms where stocking or bare feet are expected. For medium traffic, you should choose the group two tiles which are specially designed for interior applications. The group two tiles are normally not recommended for kitchen, stairwells or entries.

The group three tiles are good for medium-heavy traffic areas and you can use them anywhere in your house including the kitchen and bathrooms. The group four tiles are heavy traffic tiles and suitable for use in home for any interior and exterior applications, and medium and light commercial locations. The group five tiles are meant for heavy traffic areas and can be used anywhere. It is a matter of fact that broken tiles can never be repaired but they can be replaced. In order to prevent cracking and chipping, you should install the suitable tiles on a supported subflooring.