TV Cabinets for Dual House Design with Lake View

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the TV Cabinets for Dual House Design with Lake View wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.Chiswick Residence is how the way this dual house design with TV cabinet called. Located in downtown of Sidney, Australia, this luxurious home has blended of two houses in one unity. Built in multilevel, this house has three-level ground that increasingly protrudes downward. Both of houses have similar construction and division of spaces.

Start from the façade, this dual living house design have constructed by wooden TV cabinets, driveway, garage, landscape, powder room, store, lift, kitchen, dining room, living room and terrace which arranged in third level. Second level has constructed by master bedroom, 2 bedrooms, one guest bedroom, two balconies, master bathroom and two bathrooms. The lower level fully loaded by huge spaces and open areas. There is swimming pool, grassy backyard, outdoor balcony, kitchen, and some private room that used to have quality time with all family members such as; fire place corner, family room, dining room complete with its kitchen.

On the ground level, you would be saluted by white theme interior design with marble as titian. It was installed as a wall which covered the rectangular metal fire place. A family corner ahead, use ivory white sofa with dotted rough carpet underneath. There is no table here. You only will find colorless wooden TV cabinet. One step to the left, dining room has nicely arranged with old brown leather chairs and wooden dining table. To make it more exclusive, the hosts used abstract ball lamp in black color. Besides the kitchen island has arranged with white marble monochrome kitchen set. The bar corner has fully designed to give personal sensation that might be different with the dining room ahead, although they are setting in one open area.

In every level of this house, you can enjoy magnificent landscape of a lake that placed in the backside of the building. Actually, we could assume that this house construction is deliberately built to face the wide lake behind. Thus, the use of some natural element has support that goal. Granite, marble, and wood combination has made this residence properly in any seasons. No matter it is summer, winter, autumn or spring you will always enjoy the warm sense that created by wood elements or temperate air inside that produced by the marble elements. So, are you ready to realize dual living house with TV cabinets design plans to have quality time together with other family member?

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