Inspiring Bathroom Ideas Featuring Wall-Hung Toilet and Amazing Design

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Inspiring Bathroom Ideas Featuring Wall-Hung Toilet and Amazing Design wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.The wall-mounted or wall-hung toilets are common in European bathroom and recently, they are getting more and more common to find in the U.S. There are many advantages you can benefit from using them—both are related to the practicality and space efficiency. Aside from providing you the inspiring ideas of how to incorporate this bathroom fixture into your space for the upcoming remodel project, we will also discuss about the benefits of installing a wall-hung toilet. Keep reading!

One of the main advantages of the wall mounted or floating toilets is the way the water tank is hidden behind the wall. Even so, the tank is still accessible via the flush plate opening. As you can see in this small powder room, the bowl is wall-mounted, thus creating the floating look. Meanwhile, the plumbing is connected to the tank that is concealed behind the wall.

wall mounted toilets require thicker walls

[wall mounted toilets require thicker walls]

This is the reason why the wall mounted toilets require thicker walls. This requirement is to make sure that both the carrier system and water tank are supported. This makes one of the most important considerations to make about the wall mounted toilets. Thus, making the change is always expected if your existing bathroom design cannot meet this need.

wall mounted toilet takes up very little space

[wall mounted toilet takes up very little space]

The wall mounted toilet is an ideal choice for a smaller bathroom. As we have briefly mentioned before, one of the benefits from installing the wall hung toilets is space efficiency. Given how the toilet is mounted to the wall, this takes up very little space, more particularly the floor one.

brown bathroom furniture with wallpaper

[brown bathroom furniture with wallpaper]

That being said, you are free to install the wall hung toilet on any spot you consider more convenient. One thing to bear in mind, though, that the spot where the toilet will be installed should be near the water source. With the flexibility of selecting the space to mount the fixture, you can thus open up your bathroom space, allowing it to appear more spacious and airy.

In this bathroom with wallpaper and brown furniture, for instance, you can see how the toilet can take up the corner space perfectly while maintaining the open look throughout the room.

toilet placed in a small nook

[toilet placed in a small nook]

This modern bathroom will make a great reference to show you how space efficient it is. If you are willing to do some major changes in your existing bathroom in a remodel, then you can plan one in which the wall hung toilet is placed in a small nook. You can thus build around the water tank.

concealed water tank

[concealed water tank]

Speaking of the water tank, the way the wall mounted toilet requires the concealed water tank is also a main reason that can keep the space both easier and simpler to match with the rest of your home. It is especially true if you pursue a more minimalist and modern or contemporary touch inside your home. The way the toilet looks simple thus can get rid of any unsightly water outlets from your bathroom.

wall mounted toilets make cleaning easier

[wall mounted toilets make cleaning easier]

Cleaning a bathroom with a wall mounted toilet is also easier to finish. This is mostly because of how the fixture is not attached to the bathroom floor in any possible way. Hence you may find cleaning the space beneath is relatively easier. In addition to that, cleaning is also quicker to finish since there are only fewer elements for you to clean.

bathroom featuring floor toilet and gold accents features

[bathroom featuring floor toilet and gold accents features]

And who ways the floor toilet is only suitable in a more modern space? This bathroom featuring floor toilet and gold accents features will show you how you can still utilize this high-efficiency item without having to change the classic look of your older bathroom you truly love. One thing to remember is to check if you are eligible to take part in the Toilet Replacement Program.

black white floor bathroom ground toilet

[black white floor bathroom ground toilet]

You do not need to worry too much about installing the toilet, especially if the aesthetics also becomes your concern. In this black white floor bathroom, you can see how easy it is to match your choice of bathroom decoration with any model of toilet to install.

bathroom with niche and floating toilet

[bathroom with niche and floating toilet]

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