Wash Basin Luxurious Box Shaped House


Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Wash Basin Luxurious Box Shaped House wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.Spacious and semi-open box shaped house with wash basin in the bathroom interior creates comfort and cozy feels for the owner both inside and outside. Facing the sun is the best direction in box shaped house model because the light will helps to brighter the rooms inside. Sometimes the rooms are closed and pile up, so it needs more light to make it fresh.

Blaze Makoid created the sophisticated and fascinate model of wash basin sink and facilities on this home. To maximizing the beautiful scenery outside, he chose glass walls to make the visible views from the indoor and outdoor side. The boxed rooms are divided with the glass materials and then it also uses glass sliding door to save more areas inside. Sometimes the box shaped house designs seems stark and flat moreover when they uses minimalist decoration. But it is not the same with the boxed house in New York; it looks more friendly and booster in arrangement and decoration. Blaze has successfully designed it for the owner and the visitors. The radiant color exteriors are supported with the clear white limestone ways which are shaped in some square paths.

The interior design and decoration uses clear and bright color almost and then the floors are colored in brown. This house uses many stylish pendant lamps inside to make the room space and free. The second floor is used for bedroom and study or work room with glass windows on some corners. The owner often uses the tall curtains to adjust the high windows on some rooms. The clear bathroom theme is decorated with huge wooden cabinets which are patched on the wall. There is also provides a huge mirror to make the owners are easy to set their self after took a bath.

The field view residence serves cozy views and nice facilities for youth and old ages people. It can be noted that box shaped house plans which apply wash basin models in the bath room interior are not always bored and flat in appearance.

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