What are the costly dangers associated with Mossy Roof?

Usually moss appears as it begins to rain heavily. For various things like old barns, antique fences, river banks and tree stumps, it is considered to be an attractive quality. But for the roofing system, it is definitely not appealing, even slightly nor conducive towards offering roof longevity or performance. In case of moss growth, the roof is likely to get damaged and leak which will require the home owner to take adequate and appropriate steps by calling in the roofing contractors melbourne.

How moss develops and problems associated?

If the building or home is located at a shaded place not getting sufficient sunlight, then the roof is likely to be at risk to develop moss. It grows mostly on wet, cold and damp surfaces. Rain along with other forms of precipitation might lead to development of moss very quickly including scum, algae and mold. As roofs become the habitat of moss, there arises grave problems, which can be avoided by carrying out minor repair, regular cleaning and routine inspections. If not taken care of, then there will be required expensive roof and guttering replacement.

Curb appeal

There are many buildings and houses that have roofs covered with large greenish or grayish patches on them. It is due to accumulation of moss resulting from inappropriate and inadequate roof maintenance. This is not found attractive and also reduces the property’s beauty. Selling the property will also become difficult as the home’s overall value gets reduced significantly. If the situation becomes worse, roof and gutter replacement can prove to increase the home’s value and worth in the real estate market.


Ambiguous muck, scum, algae, mold, mildew and moss when accumulated tends to reduce the life span of the roofing system. Asphalt roofs can last for about 20-30 years or even more. but if moss is allowed to grow in the roof, then its life span is sure to be reduced by about 30%. The reason is because, moss is known to create several structural issues in the roofing system, thus making roof replacement the only solution to protect the home.

Water leaks

‘Rhizomes’ considered to be miniscule fiber are produced by moss, which penetrates within the roof’s substrate. The vital granules designed to safeguard the shingles from cracking, warping and drying out are loosened. This in turn causes the roof to leak with time. the professional roofing contractors can find the most appropriate and affordable solution to this problem.