Wooden Storage Millennium Loft Interior Design

Hello! Please enjoy your stay and download freely the Wooden Storage Millennium Loft Interior Design wallpaper that can be used as your device home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, chat window background, or anything that you’d like.Modern and stylish decorations are seen in this loft interior design which applies wooden storage and is located in Chicago. This house provides glamour and sophisticated looks for those who see it inside. The modern styles are lying among the silver theme color. The theme color makes the loft looks very bright and clean. Besides silver color, Bertrand Benoit put clear white color to combine the radiant color in.

Bertrand Benoit as the designer of this house has created wonderful looks and appearance for this loft. It has wide size area and contains of two floors, so the owner will have enjoyable activities without worrying about the limited area. Besides the modern and sophisticated loft interior design ideas there is wooden storage furniture, and then the sophisticated and up-to-date appliances are completely available inside. Those modern appliances are matches with the design interior and it creates good view for the guest and visitors. Colored in clear white for both ceilings and floors, the house is easy to mix with other colors. Then the combinations are clear glass walls, black steel staircase and bridge inside.

To see the outside view, it can be used the glass windows which are divided in some squares and framed with black steel. The interior walls are appeals in concrete surface and painted in clear white paint. The black steel staircase and black steel bridge are floating between the basement and the second floor staircase. The black color gives different touch for the almost radiant color interior. Down to the kitchen, it is applied silver kitchen table and silver kitchen appliances, such as the millennium kitchen island. The family room is decorated in clear white nuance and combined with wooden cabinets. Some paintings are patched on the wall and thus creates unique look.

The designer has created nice and attractive appearance for this loft and then the owner mixed it with sophisticated and up-to-date appliances. It gives elegant look with the monotone color and simple coloring concept. The silver chrome loft apartment interior design ideas which use wooden storage ideas are available in Chicago.

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