A quick overview of wooden shingles

Wooden shingles are popular among those who prefer durable roofing types. It is true that wooden shingles are an old-school concept but the aesthetic value they give is excellent. They are a very efficient type of shingle which is ideal for regions that have relatively longer summers.

Benefits associated with wooden shingles

Here are some of the main benefits associated with wooden shingles.

  • They are durable

One of the key benefits associated with wooden shingles is their durability. They can tolerate harsh weather conditions like hailstorms and strong winds. As long as you perform regular maintenance in a timely manner, wooden shingles will last for a very long period.

  • Beautiful appearance

The appearance wooden shingles create is very pleasant and classic. They can give your house a unique appearance and help blend with the natural surroundings. In addition to that, wooden shingles can add substantial value to your exterior.

  • It is eco-friendly

Wooden shingles are manufactured using organic materials. They don’t leave carbon footprint because there is no synthetic material used to manufacture wood shingles.

  • Very impressive insulation properties

Compared to the other shingle variety, wooden shingles have a better density and thereby offer better insulation as well. Also, they can work as a weatherproof shield to protect your house from excessive heating and cooling.


Wooden shingles are associated with some drawbacks as well.

  • Vulnerable to insect attacks

Wood is a favorite target of several insect varieties. For instance, carpenter ants and termites can invade your wooden shingles and ruin it. In addition to that, they are susceptible to mold growth during winter.

  • They are costly

Compared to other materials, wood is a pretty expensive material.


When compared to other shingle varieties, wood is a sturdy and long-lasting option. However, to get the maximum benefits of it, you must maintain them regularly. Regardless of the expensive price tag, you can expect better appearance and insulation from them. They can also tolerate harsh weather conditions well compared to many other shingle varieties.

This article was provided by D’Angelo & Sons Roofing and Exteriors.