How to Make the Most of Family Outdoor Time

In addition to boosting the outside beauty of your home and the outdoor area, adding a new patio cover will allow you to make use of the space in ways that you had not previously considered. This is because you will be able to enjoy the region in a more safe environment. Most people mistakenly believe that installing a patio cover will increase their living space, but they are unaware of the possibility that having more space can encourage more family activities to be done outside.

Your first action should be to choose the patio covers in Boise, ID, that will be installed in your house. The action will ramp up after that, and you may start creating new memories. Learn more about the many patio cover options you have access to, as well as some family-friendly activities, by reading on.

Many Different Designs

It’s a very common activity to utilize awnings to give shade to patios and decks. It’s hard to believe that the Roman Empire was the first culture to examine awnings in detail because both their outside design and the components used to make them have experienced significant advancements since they were first invented.

In today’s environment, awnings are commonly directed downward. Everything that touches the awning is quickly pulled away from it due to the way it is made. Awnings continue to be utilized regularly because they provide customers with many options. Awnings come in two primary categories: permanent and retractable. Retractables can be either motorized or manually controlled, depending on your needs.

Devices Powered by the Sun

Solar screens are intended to provide a substantial amount of sun protection, as their name suggests. They won’t obstruct your view of the outside world, but they will make it harder for you to understand what is going on inside. The screen is designed to be hung vertically and acts as a protective screen rather than a covering, in contrast to the other coverings discussed in this article. In order to save energy, it is typical to retract them in residences that face south.

Vinyl Patio Covers

These vinyl patio coverings are versatile enough to be utilized both independently and in combination with an existing building structure. The bulk of them is constructed using vinyl 2×4 and vinyl 2×6 for the joists and header, respectively. Following installation, the ground, concrete, or wooden decks are all ideal settings. These patio coverings are made of a substance that is strong enough to support the weight of porch swings and plants.

Utilizing a patio cover with louvers and the impression of being layered is one solution. Darker colors and clean, uncomplicated lines characterize this method. This kind of patio cover is offered by Butte Fence, and it is certainly something that merits more investigation because it adds some elegance to the area you wish to cover.

Why Should YOu Spend More Time Outside?

You can spend more time outside with your family because your patio cover will expand your living area and offer shade. Here are some concepts to consider:

Muddy Pie

A truly happy childhood requires some time spent in the yard playing in the mud. If you want a happy childhood, you have to get dirty. This is definitely required. Try making mud pies in the late afternoon. Pies may be manufactured in a very wide variety of shapes and sizes, both in terms of the proportions used and the overall appearance of the finished product. As decorations, you might use fruit clusters, twigs, leaves, and stones of various sizes. You should have a pie-baking competition and provide a prize to the baker of the most creative or aesthetically beautiful pie.

Garden Beds on Rails

A calming and nutritious outdoor activity for the whole family might be working in the garden together. The entire family may benefit from gardening, whether the objective is to raise flowers or vegetables. When children eat food that they have produced themselves, they learn the value of working hard to achieve something that will benefit them both physically and mentally.

You might want to think about building raised beds on your patio or deck instead if your yard is small. The patio cover’s shadow may be advantageous for plants that thrive in the shade. Due to the plants, the patio will be drenched in delightful fragrance whenever you use the outdoor barbecue.

S’mores by the Campfire

S’mores may be prepared in the backyard over a fire you built yourself. Make s’mores, sit under the patio cover, and take in the stars while reading a book or unwinding in a hammock. Spread out chairs and blankets on the patio.

Chalk Drawings

Playing with colored chalk is not only more economical, but it may also inspire creative thinking and provide the whole family with hours of enjoyment. On the concrete of the patio, sidewalk, or driveway, you are free to design significant works of art, game boards, murals, or even meaningful hopscotch. It’s even feasible to play meaningful hopscotch. Since using chalk to learn the alphabet or to improve handwriting is a terrific way to accomplish both of these goals at once, this activity is not only enjoyable but also informative.

A Fort

You can create a comfortable patio fort for the entire family with the help of some patio furniture, blankets, and pillows. A common outdoor activity that may keep a family occupied for a long time, both during construction and once the fort is completed, is building forts.

Constructing Faerie Homes

A whimsical and enjoyable hobby, creating a fairy house may be done with nearly any type of natural material. Just a few examples of the kinds of organic materials that may be used to construct fairy homes are stones, sticks, and twigs. Gather moss, twigs, rocks, sticks, and fallen leaves to make fairy homes in your yard. Homes made of organic materials are very appealing to fairies. Even simple birdhouses and worn-out stumps may be made into magical and visually beautiful spaces for children. The only equipment required is some paint and adhesive, and they are easy to assemble.

Rock Painting

Painting on rocks while being covered by the patio is an even more original way to have fun. This project can be finished with only the correct colors, a paintbrush, some clean stones, and an original thought in your head. Rocks can be hand-painted with individual designs, engraved with motivational sayings, or carved to resemble animals. Utilizing your creativity, being in a positive frame of mind, and having fun are the only rules for painting rocks. Nothing is even slightly out of order.


As you can see, installing a patio cover to your deck or patio may allow you to not only make better use of the space you have but also provide you more time to spend with your family doing activities you value. Visit our website at for more details on this and other services provided by Butte Fence. After that, you will have the opportunity to chat with a specialist who will guide you through the process of choosing the sort of patio cover that is best for your particular home.