The Top Designers Known for Their Marvellous Interior Designing in the World

The art of architecture and designing have been existing from time immemorial since the civilizations in society. However, they were not static professions because of various challenges like continuous evolving of styles, advancements of technologies and many other market-related factors. In spite of numerous challenges, the architects and designers have never withheld architecture or designing rather struggled to survive. Their survival struggles have often resulted in magnificent performances in the field of architecture and designing. Get in touch with Lipari Design for the best interior designing fulfilling your expectations.

To know about some of the top designers like Kelly Wearstler, Peter Marino, Victoria Hagan, Hitchcox and Starck, Richard Meier, Marmol Radziner, Alberto Pinto, Alan Wanzenberg, Emily Summers, John Barman etc. you must be crazy about.

Kelly Wearstler was dubbed by the New Yorker as the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design. But Kelly was more versatile as an author, outre fashion plate, blogger, branding virtuoso, decorator etc.

One of the biggest influences of Peter Marino said, “I want to create the illusion and the reality of performance”. This was said by Renzo Mongiardino. However, Marino’s work actually reflected the saying of Renzo. Similar to the saying of Renzo, Marino trusted in the wisdom and integration of architecture and interior designing.

Victoria Hagan was respected before a long time for the magnificent integration of architecture and interior designing. She was best known for her wonderful works particularly use of material, strong silhouettes and sophisticated colours. Victoria was awarded with Architectural Digest’s AD100 along many other awards and honours.

The Hitchcox and Starck-Yoo worked with many international developers and designed many landmark residential and non-residential projects across Europe, Asia, South and North America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

 Richard Meier is the winner of Pritzker Prize and AIA gold medal. Richard is best known for his use of white which he believes increases light in the space. He says that “white colour permits to understand the architectural ideas more clearly.” He further says, “it is the whiteness which shows the difference between opacity and transparency, structure and surface, and solid and void.”

Marmol Radziner was founded in 1989 by architect Leo Marmol in Los Angeles. The firm offers numerous designing services including architectural programming, designing, historic restoration, master planning, landscape design, furniture design, interior design etc. Marmol has been specialised in restoration, residential, commercial, multifamily, retail, educational and hospitality and community projects.