Backyard Schoolhouse: 5 Tips For Educating Your Children in Your ADU

Following the epidemic, some parents have concluded that homeschooling is the best way to ensure their children’s ongoing education and safety. Those who have decided to teach their children at home will find a plethora of knowledge just outside their front door. If your California property has an accessory dwelling unit, you’re in even better shape. Having an ADU brings you a world of opportunities for your children’s schooling while not interfering with your primary residence. Consider these five ideas for educating your children while making use of your property.

1. A Garden Preparation Area

You have a number of possibilities for homeschooling your children if you have an ADU. Gardening should be included in your homeschool curriculum. Growing herbs and vegetables in a garden bed may teach your children about the plant life cycle as well as the need for excellent soil and sunshine. They can also learn about seed beginning, composting, and pest management, to name a few topics. You may utilize the ancillary living unit as a separate workstation to manage and organize the garden away from the primary residence. Acton ADUs, for example, might feature spaces for storing gardening materials as well as facilities for cleaning tools.

Gardening gives a beautiful chance for youngsters to get some much-needed exercise and fresh air when they spend the majority of their time indoors in front of a computer or desk. Whether you pick a little herb garden or have space for many beds, your children will benefit from learning about nature and the outdoors in a garden.

2. Animal Research

You may also enrich your child’s education with the exciting topic of animal studies. Gardening, exploring the local ecology, and engaging with and learning from backyard animals are all examples of this sort of activity. Insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals are just a few of the numerous subjects that may be researched using internet resources that can be accessed from the comfort of one’s own home or a lecture hall. Spending time with animals will teach your children essential life lessons such as compassion and observation.

Do you have pets? If this is the case, they might be used to teach children about themes such as self-control, kindness, and animal welfare. The ADU is an excellent location for a class pet, so if you don’t already have one, now could be a good time to get one! The ADU is a handy location for the children to visit on a daily basis, where they may keep a pet diary and assist in caring for the animal by doing activities such as feeding and cleaning. By being shuttled to and from a predetermined location, children receive the benefits of a classroom setting without having to spend the whole day inside one. Depending on the restrictions in your area, you may be able to obtain a chicken or a goat. Before you begin, make sure you have completed your homework.

If you’re looking for new ways to educate your children in an ADU, consider including animal studies in their curriculum.

3. Nature as a Work of Art

Exposing your children to nature-inspired art is an excellent approach to educating them in an ADU. While studying, the children are free to explore and participate in the world around them, which may inspire them to create their own unique artistic expression. Drawing or painting outside, maintaining a weather record, or following animal behavior are all possible activities. There is a range of artistic options that may help your child connect with nature, regardless of their skill level or area of interest. You may go to a nearby park or open the windows of your ADU to obtain some fresh air. Arts innovation and advancement have limitless possibilities. The increased freedom to express oneself creatively is the finest aspect of having an art studio in an ADU, and because Acton ADU provides customizable ADUs in Saratoga, CA, you may add a kitchen for easy meal preparation and cleaning! You can start setting your children apart right now by providing them with an education unlike any other.

4. Reading Nook in the Backyard

Another unique homeschool option for your ADU is to create a nice outdoor reading nook where your children may unwind and read in solitude. The picture would be completed with inviting seating choices such as beanbag chairs or loungers covered with colorful throw blankets and cushions. This one-of-a-kind study environment will not only motivate your children to read more but will also provide a peaceful escape from the rush and bustle of daily life. If you want to make homeschooling your children easier, consider building a reading nook in your ADU.

5. Experiments in Science

You may utilize your ADU (additional dwelling unit) as a classroom for your children’s homeschooling. Experimenting with science is a fun and exciting alternative. Whether you’re exploring new terrain or simply reviewing what they already know, educational science projects are a terrific method to keep kids involved and encourage hands-on learning.

Including scientific experiments in your homeschooling curriculum is an excellent method to pique your children’s interest in science. STEM refers to the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in education, as well as the underlying principles of many other areas. You may get thorough instructions on how to conduct these experiments on a number of websites for students in kindergarten through high school. Ordinary things may be used to make star jars, float an improvised boat, and perform another rudimentary machine testing.

Standard laboratory settings do not prevent the use of ordinary things to investigate scientific issues. Experiments may be as simple as filling a plastic bag with water and gently shifting it to watch the effect on the shape of the bag or as sophisticated as initiating chemical reactions by combining various household ingredients in bowls or Petri dishes and studying their behavior over time. You may also do basic experiments outside your ADU, such as measuring the temperature of the room at different times of day using thermal imaging cameras or simulating the formation of clouds in small DIY terrariums as a storm approaches, depending on the weather and other circumstances.

Science projects are sure to be fascinating and informative no matter what approach you employ to educate your children at home. So go in there and let your imagination run wild!

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