How to Turn Your Garden into a Stylish, Useful Space

Tips To Turn Your Garden Into a Stylish, Useful Space

Spending time at the park or a beautiful garden when on holiday puts your mind at rest. Unfortunately, you will not always have the time and money to go on a holiday every time you want to relax and have peace of mind. Did you know that you could transform your home garden into a stylish and useful space? There are ideas that can help you achieve the full potential of your garden and make it a dream holiday destination. Below are the inexpensive ideas every gardener should consider transforming the space.

Utilise Strong Landscaped Lines

It is affordable and easy to make your garden attractive when you use a crisp and contemporary look. The best gardens utilise strong landscaped lines around their outstanding summer houses. In such a case, use distinctive materials like decorative stones or wood-stained decking to create attractive interlocking zones. Regardless of the size of your space, you will still be able to achieve a stylish look.


Most outstanding gardens in resorts and hotels have cosy compartments. You can achieve the same concept with your garden by dividing it into sections. Make use of trellis, bamboo screens or walls of foliage. Decorate each with garden furniture and plants. For a softer appearance, you can utilise ornamental grasses on the barriers. Additionally, you will be able to give your divided stylish gardens more depth at the lower levels. Some of the outstanding delightful grasses you need include Stipatenuissima (Mexican feather grass) and Festuca glauca (Elijah Blue). This idea will make your garden feel bigger since you won’t be able to see everything in one go. If you have a small garden, a simple arch will create a separate area and add style to your garden.

Keep It Bright

Brightly coloured plants can offer a lighter and bigger effect on your small and dull garden. You can make use of flowers like the ‘Irish Eye’ or other golden or light-yellow coloured flowers to brighten up dark patches. The secret is gracing your garden with glorious light. Turn the garden into a useful space for those romantic times by using red and dark yellow flowers. Light-purple, blue, white or other cool colours recede the field of vision to make a small space seem big.

Use Containers

Containers are quite common in gardens, and they can hold small trees and flowering bedding plants. They are also easy to change and move around the garden. This means that you can change the entire look of your garden at will by moving the containers around. A stylish garden is one that is easy to maintain; the flexibility of pots and containers make that possible. You can also make your garden fruity by growing fruits and vegetables in the containers.

Create Privacy

A stylish garden may lose its glory if it’s open for everyone from surrounding buildings to see. This is why most gardeners spend time on the internet looking for summer houses for sale to create some privacy. You can also use pergolas and arches to create secluded seating areas then use climbers to cover them up. Choose your climbers carefully as there are fast-growing species which need a lot of pruning. You also need to consider climbing roses with a great scent that will not only provide cover but make the environment conducive.

Create a Living Wall

Living walls are the domain of designer installations and classy resorts and parks. The good news is that you can add the same to your home garden and make it your favourite spot in your home. Root plants into a structure then attach it to a wall. You can use the following plants to create a wall:

• Herbaceous perennials
• Small shrubs
• Grasses
• Fruits
• vegetables

You don’t have to be a professional gardener to implement these ideas; all you need are the right tools and motivation. The secret is keeping the garden clean and organised, then the above ideas will complement what already exists.