Minimalist living: Store items in a self storage unit

Are you ready to embrace the minimalist living trend? If you haven’t heard of this concept, minimalist living could be a great way to ensure that your home looks beautiful and stylish. It’s become more popular than ever these days and will typically be seen when you view show homes or similar spaces. 

What Is Minimalist Living?

Minimalist living simply refers to a form of interior design. It’s a concept that can be used to lay out your house with different accessories, items and furniture. Specifically, you design the room to look open and clear, providing plenty of space. As such, it is often favoured in smaller interiors to make them seem far more grand. 

To achieve a minimalist living space, you need to make sure that you are thinking carefully about the different pieces of furniture and the items in the room. Ideally, you need to make sure that you only have as many pieces of furniture as you need. For instance, if there are four people in the home, then you only need four chairs in the living room.

Once you have determined the items that you need, you can then use accessories sparingly to add character and personality to the space. 

The Issue

One of the issues with minimalist living is that when people set out to achieve it, they have already accumulated a wealth of accessories and furniture. If left in the room, then the area looks cluttered and that’s the exact opposite effect that you want. 

Of course, there are probably plenty of items that you have which you don’t want to throw away or sell. For instance, if you have extra chairs, you’ll definitely want to keep these for when you have guests or the extended family over. That’s why you need to think about storage options. While you can store items in your attic or out of sight in the garage, this is still going to clutter your home. 

Use A Self Storage Unit

Using a self storage unit is a great choice for long or short term decluttering to achieve a minimalist living space. A lot of people do this when they sell their home to ensure that the property looks as presentable and desirable as possible. However, there are many individuals who choose to constantly keep a self storage unit to ensure that they always have a space they can use to declutter. 

Some of the benefits of this is that London storage units can be found close to where you live. So, there’s no need to worry about needing to travel miles to access your items and extra furniture. They also come in a wide range of different sizes. So, you will always find one that matches your needs and more importantly, your budget. 

Furthermore, self storage units are completely secure. So, you don’t have to worry that any of your precious items or treasured pieces of furniture are going to be at risk of being stolen. That is certainly not the case.