Mistakes to avoid while renovating a kitchen

A friend of mine promised his wife a brand new kitchen as a gift. He later called me aside and told me that it costs him more than what he spent on his house extension and sit out. Kitchen renovation costs a fortune and seeking knowledge and advice from professionals is a good way to start. Some of the highly reputed kitchen renovators who can offer professional help are Cuisine Rosemere, Quebec Kitchens, Home Lane etc.  For most homeowners, the money spent on renovating a kitchen is significant and also adds value to the home. Hence, it is worth the while to go through tips and common mistakes.

Here is a list of common mistakes that can be avoided while planning, renovating and modelling a kitchen

  1. It is in the planning:

Take considerable time in accommodating your personal and family needs.  Make sure the appliances are the ones you use, estimate on storage space and decide if you really need that gadget. Do you want a mini office or a personal dining for two? Look around and seek professional help. Make a note and rework on them.

  1. The Layout

The layout of your kitchen is fundamental to the planning. This determines the type of modular you would choose.

  1. Do not miss out the small issues

The small issues where you keep the dish cloth, the pull outs and the type of counter top etc. are not to be missed.

  1. the busy areas – the sink, the stove and the refrigerator

Make sure these are efficient and within the convenient triangle to save energy.  The faucet height and how it’s placed is crucial.

  1. Counter Space

Comptoir cuisine Cuisines Rosemere is an essential part of the kitchen and needs all care while choosing. Make sure you have sufficient counter space by being innovative.

  1. Budget

Ensure that it falls within your budget.

  1. Choose your appliances first

The kitchen is built around your appliances and not the other way around. So choose your appliances first.

  1. Pay attention to colour

Colour is key to kitchen get up. Pay attention to wall colour and consult an expert.

  1. Check out the unused areas of the house

Make sure the unused areas of the house like the living or dining room does not get cluttered while the kitchen work is in progress.

  1. Use the open spaces in the kitchen

Check and recheck the open spaces in the kitchen and put them to use. It is costly and messy to close these open spaces later.