Key Facts Before Moving to Prescott, AZ

Surrounded by the “Quad City,” and located in the heart of Arizona is the city of Prescott. This city is a haven for retirees, former California residents, and warm-weather enthusiasts in general. Every year, Prescott draws new families, students, and anybody seeking a change of scenery. While the community is friendly and inviting that you will immediately feel at home, there are bound to be many questions about moving to a new area. This guide seeks to eliminate all the uncertainties by outlining what you should know about Prescott before making the big move. Read on to learn more!

1. Housing Is Not That Expensive

Many people from New York and California relocate to Arizona because of the reduced housing prices. A roomy 2-bedroom family home in Prescott might cost approximately 30% less than a similar home in California. Rent in California or New York is also substantially higher than in Arizona, specifically in Prescott.

A 2500-square-foot home in Prescott costs roughly $600,000, a terrific deal compared to the exorbitant $800,000 price tags of similar homes in California. Meanwhile, the average price for homes for sale in Prescott is $257,000, which means you can enjoy a great lifestyle for a fraction of the price.

2. You Get To Enjoy Reasonable Tax Rates

Arizona is a financial haven for numerous former West Coast or East Coast residents, thanks to its liberal tax policies. For instance, people who reside in California pay about twice as much in state income tax as citizens of Arizona.

Lower tax rates, especially for retirees, can make relocating to Arizona appealing, especially since there is no state income tax on Social Security benefits.

3. Prescott Has a Small-Town Feel

With less than 41,000 residents, Prescott is no big city. However, if you want to reside in a small town where everybody knows you by name, Prescott might be the perfect place. Prescott has a small-town feel, but that does not mean it shuts you off completely from the rest of Arizona.

Prescott is centrally located in Arizona, rendering it easy to access other areas of the state. A trip to Lake Pleasant and Phoenix takes under an hour. You can also reach the Flagstaff area in approximately 90 minutes and the Gila River in 2 hours.

4. There Are Plenty of Fun Things to Do

Both residents and visitors can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in Prescott. The nearby deserts and mountains are perfect for individuals who prefer to spend their time outside hiking, cycling, or golfing.

In Lynx Creek, visitors to the Prescott National Forest can experience firsthand what it was like for the region’s pioneers to pan for gold. Similarly, if you visit the Sonoran Desert, you might see rare desert animals and plants, but make sure you stay away from rattlesnakes.

5. Downtown Prescott is Fun

Downtown Prescott is rich in charm and history, and is home to numerous independently-owned restaurants, cafes, and stores. The Courtyard Plaza and Whiskey Row are probably two of the most intriguing features.

Additionally, there are numerous galleries and museums to tour, including the Sharlot Hall Museum and the Phippen Art Museum. The city hosts several community gatherings and fun celebrations like Frontier Days and the World’s Oldest Rodeo.

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