Like everything else all roofing materials have a lifespan and require regular servicing which is important to ensure that they live up to their full life expectancy. Roofing shingles are made from various materials which include materials like the traditional asphalt and fibreglass which are usually used in homes. Clogged eavestroughs and gutters can have a deep impact on the roofing and even damage it. Burlington eavestrough repair will help you with clogged and damaged eavestrough woes. If you are planning to opt for roofing, here is why you should choose roofing shingles.


Shingle roofing is usually cheaper. The actual cost of it depends on the material that you choose for your shingle. For example, the cost of traditional asphalt costs lesser than fibreglass asphalt. In comparison, the cost of installing a shingle roofing is lower than that of other options. Dimensional shingles and 3 tab shingles are some of the options available when it comes to shingle roofing.

Easy Maintenance

The roofing has extremely low maintenance demands. If the shingle breaks or gets damaged then it can be easily replaced or fixed without having to interfere with the rest of the rood. Materials like slate and tile can break quite easily but shingle roofing is less fragile.


Shingle roofing blends well with almost all modern architectural styles, so you don’t have to compromise on style when it comes to them. There are numerous colours and textures available. You can also go for the special laminate shingles which mimic the natural look of wood grain and slate.


The shingle roofing can be customized based on the weather conditions that exist in your area. In case you live in an area with extreme heat, then you can go ahead and install shingles which have a high fire-resistant rating. If the shingle roofing is to be installed in a highly humid area, then you can go for copper granules to prevent algae growth.