How to Choose Material for Kitchen Renovations in Toronto

On average a person living in Toronto considering renovating his kitchen spends about 16 percent of his budget on labor and the rest is spent on materials. These material include cabinets, countertops, lightings, wall treatments, flooring, doors and hardware etc. 

  • Countertops:

A kitchen counter top is another big ticket item. The primary options to choose from are laminate, ceramic tile, wood, marble, and granite. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Laminate are more economical but not as durable as ceramic, marble or granite. Even though wood countertops provide a beautiful touch to your kitchen. Wood countertops are made from thick pieces of wood glued together but since they are porous so they can crack from moisture and are also not safe from fire. Read more here.

  • Lighting:

Lighting is also a very essential material in kitchen renovation in Toronto. As kitchen is a place where you will be dealing with dangerous thing like fire and knives. So visibility should not be compromised. In addition proper lighting can give your kitchen a warm and welcome feeling. Incandescent bulb are the most popular form of lighting though the market is filled with limitless options. But it is economical and is better than the newly produced halogen light bulb which cause a great threat of fire hazard in Toronto. Visit here for more

  • Wall treatment:

The first rule in choosing a wall treatment is to coordinate them with your cabinets. Paint is a popular wall treatment because it is not very costly and is easy to clean. But you can also opt for wallpaper. There are different type of paint matte, enamel, satin etc. Satin are considered as a better option for kitchen walls as they tend to give a shinier finish and are more resistant mildew, stains and dirt.

  • Doors and hardware:

Doors don’t only provide access to the kitchen but it also offers an opportunity to add a decorative touch toy your kitchen. There are many varieties available in the market. Your options include glazed doors, swinging doors, and sliding doors. Depending on the design of the kitchen should you choose the door, if it is spacious then you should go for a sliding door, if it’s brightly lit then a glazed door. Also keep in mind that door knobs hand handles are considered as the jewelry of kitchen. Don’t try to mix different types of hardware together. Instead choose any two or three. Bright and brushed antique brass hardware are a popular opinion. 

  • Cabinets:

Your kitchen is mostly filled with cabinets. So you have to make sure that everything goes with it. There are tons of varieties to choose from frameless cabinets, laminate cabinets in solid colors or faux stone patterns. The most classic option is cabinetry painted gloss white. It can lead to both formal and casual looks depending on the hardware and accessories. The best option is medium density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood. MDF because it is dense and heavy and also because of its resistance to cracking and peeling. It is also super easy to paint over MDF. Addition to that MDF is also smoother than plywood. While plywood is more economical and is also said to have higher resistance to moisture and greater stability than MDF. 

  • Flooring:

There are many types of flooring available in the market. You can choose between vinyl, linoleum, laminate, wooden flooring etc. today most popular option is vinyl because it’s durable, easy to install as well as and easy to maintain. It is always advised to choose better quality vinyl because it features “inlaid construction” with color and pattern uniform throughout rather than printed on the top. Good quality vinyl has a thick urethane wear layer that offers more shine and greater stain resistance.