Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe About Real Estate Agents

More often buyers and sellers enter the real estate market with tons of misconceptions about real estate agents and companies as well. The first and the simplest thing that you should understand is that in a real estate property dealing there are two agents involved, one representing the buyer and another representing the seller. However, before starting your journey with the agents, you should understand the myths and truths related to this field.

  • Agents and their commissions: Most people tend to think that agents get a hefty or rather the entire commission; however, things are not so merry every time as the agents get only a particular fraction as commission. It is better to know that the seller makes the payment first which is then split into 4 parts between two agents and two brokerages.
  • Once you are involved with an agent you are stuck: Most people believe that once you sign a contract with an agent, you are stuck with the agent for quite a long time but the truth is a bit different. If things don’t work favorably then the chances are that your agent and the brokerage manager might as well release you early from the agreement. You should also understand that buyers hardly find themselves under any contract. In short, the agents for buyers have to work for free until the client finds a home. What’s worse, if the buyer doesn’t buy a home, the agent doesn’t get paid. In a nutshell, you should just do some research about the agents before jumping in with them.
  • You might as well think of using the services of the selling agent: The truth is a bit complicated. Working with the selling agent might lead to conflict of interests favoring the seller, especially. What you need here is a great buyer’s agent who knows the entire locality like a map on their palm and what’s more, they are well connected to the community and they also know the lenders, attorneys, inspectors, and architects. They know all the pits and potholes including the signs that need you to either close a deal or forget it altogether.

These are a few myths that you need to get clear with and only genuine real estate agents can help you get to the truth. In this regard, Houses for Sale in Laval must be inquired under the expert guidance only.