Top five garage door safety tips

Garages are great for many reasons, like home projects, storage, and more. However, they can also pose security and safety challenges. Automatic garage doors are considered smart home devices, making life much easier. Garage doors are a common and popular choice for many homeowners in Leeds, despite the escalating injuries and deaths happening every year. Though it may seem like a seamless transition for owners, garages come with potential safety hazards. Even with automatic functions and advances made in technology, injuries are still occurring. So, what safety measures and precautions do you need to take to ensure optimal functionality and the security of your family? Here are some tips to keep your family safe and secure while addressing the need for a local locksmith in Leeds:

Check the Sensors:

The majority of garage doors depend on sensors to open and close. These sensors are typically located at the bottom, attached to the rails, usually about 5 to 6 inches off the ground. Proper sensor alignment is crucial for the garage door to operate correctly. These sensors are designed to reverse the closing mechanism if anyone or anything obstructs the path of the closing door. To test this, push the control button to begin closing the door. Place a small object like a broom in front of the sensor before the door fully shuts. The door should stop and take a reverse turn. If it fails to do so, it’s essential to check the garage door opener or consider calling a 24-hour locksmith in Leeds for professional repairs.

Keep Passwords Protected:

In addition to sensor safety, it’s crucial to protect your garage door’s access codes and passwords. This is a key aspect of maintaining security. Regularly update your access codes, and avoid sharing them with anyone outside of your trusted circle. A local locksmith in Leeds can help you with setting up secure access control systems and ensuring that your garage remains a safe and secure part of your home.

By following these safety tips and consulting a reliable Leeds locksmith, you can ensure that your garage remains a secure and convenient part of your home, enhancing both safety and peace of mind for you and your family.”

Check the sensors

Majority of garage doors depend on sensors to open and close. These sensors are located at the bottom, attached to the rails nearly about 5 to 6-in off the ground. If the sensors are not aligned, it fails to operate properly. The sensors should reverse the mechanism of the closing, if anyone walks under a closing door. To check, push the control button to begin closing the door. Place a small object like broom in front of the sensor, before the door shuts. The door should stop at the point and take a reverse turn. In case if it fails, you need to check garage door opener or call a professional to make necessary repairs.Keep passwords protected

Lot of firms have their door openers that allow customers to set user-specific passwords. Even if you’ve detached garage, it’s safe to keep the code a secret.

Free and clear

Ensure to keep the control button out of the reach of kids. As per the recent survey, nearly 30,000 to 40,000 kids get injured on yearly basis, as they frequently play with door remote controls. Teach your children that garage doors remotes aren’t a toy.

Visual Inspection

You need to inspect over your garage doors and its parts every month. Any signs of wear and tear should be treated immediately. Monthly inspection of rollers, bolts, pulleys, cables can help you to determine if the door is functioning properly or not.

Seek professional help

Don’t underestimate your garage door, as even smallest errors in the working machine can lead to accidents. Garage doors give access to your home and hence it’s important to ensure that they’re functional and secure. Seek professional’s help if your garage doors aren’t operating the way it should be. Speak to a specialist and repairing services, like Premium Garage Doors and get a free quote today.