The Importance of an Aircon Gas Top Up

If your aircon is not cold enough, it may be a sign that the coolant reservoir is not working. Leaks, poor installation of the aircon as well as use of low standard copper pipes can give rise to a lot of problems that affect the refrigerant level. For better aircon performance then, gas top up options are available.

High humidity, heat and spontaneous air conditioning refueling points along the roads are faithful companions of the approaching summer. But it invites many questions. Can their services be trusted? How do you fill a car air conditioner properly? Is it possible to solve the interior cooling problems on your own? We understand the importance of aircon servicing when the weather is hot, so read on to find out more about how to handle these issues.

Diagnosing the reason behind a poorly functioning aircon

Although special equipment is needed to fully diagnose an air conditioner (especially for finding freon leaks, checking the compressor and electronic control units), some of the reasons for its poor performance can be identified on your own. Sometimes, you can even eliminate them on your own.

Checking, Cleaning and Filling a Car Air Conditioner

Where do you start when checking a car air conditioner? Firstly, when you turn on the fan and press the aircon button under the hood, the compressor should start. Its operation can be determined by ear (by the characteristic click of the clutch and increased noise) and feel – there will be an additional load on the engine and the idle speed will change slightly.

If the compressor starts up, that’s good news: at least the clutch and control units are in order. If that goes smoothly, then it’s time to see what else is behind the reason why the aircon may not be cooling the interior effectively enough.

Choosing professional services for your aircon is essential. The gas top up process needs to be done with the proper method to offer the right kind of proficiency. When the anti-freeze fluid is filled into the system, any kind of refrigerant leakage can be detected and solved.

Pricing Guide for the Gas Top Up Process

Global standards are followed when modern aircon systems are made. As such, they use either the R410A or the R22 gas. The gas top up companies in Singapore have these two variants and the price are as follows:

  • For R410A, the price is from $60 to $150
  • For R22, the price is $40 to $120

When it comes to aircons with more than one or two units, you will have to ask for a quotation.

Additionally, if there are any aircon problems, then the inspection process will be done for free. A 90 days warrantee is also given in case of any post-service issues.

Reasons that your Aircon needs to Top Up Gas

Filling the air conditioner with freon is needed ​only in certain cases. Namely, it is required in the event of a leak or after the repair of the device, if gas was released in the process. Also, the unit must be filled with coolant during the initial installation of the cooler (which is done by the manufacturer or installers). Gas leakage can occur when the device is poorly connected, such as if the pipe joints are not tight enough.


The air conditioner should be cleaned at least 1 – 2 times a year, before or after the operating season. In countries where the climate is unstable, air conditioners are rarely used year-round, so it is important to have it maintained before it is left unused for long periods of time. Remember to check the pipe connections along with the cleaning.

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