Air Conditioning For The Bedroom: What You Have To Pay Attention To

If the bedroom doesn’t cool down even at night in midsummer, an air conditioner seems to be the best solution to sleep again. But if this is improperly installed and operated, there is a risk of a stiff neck, headaches, breathing difficulties, and even allergies but this can be avoided when it is properly installed by climate controll expert AC service. We’ll show you what to look out for if air conditioning for the bedroom is an option.

The Advantages Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has changed the everyday life of many people. With their help, you can still concentrate and work productively, even in the hottest hours of the day. You can go about your everyday activities in a more relaxed manner without the risk of heatstroke. And a healthy sleep even in tropical temperatures is also possible. However, problems often arise from improper operation and use of the air conditioning system. In plain language: Setting the air conditioning to 20 degrees Celsius when it is 35 ° outside is not a good idea and counterproductive for your health.

Choose Air Conditioning For The Bedroom Based On These Criteria.

Don’t turn on your bedroom until you go to bed. With a specific and necessary lead time, the bedroom should first be brought to the desired temperature. The pleasant temperatures would then accompany it until you get up. Therefore, the system’s operating noises must be so quiet that you are not disturbed while sleeping.

Particularly quiet air conditioning systems are often given the designation “whisper-quiet.” This then corresponds to a volume of approx. 20-25 dB (A). In principle, split air conditioning units are quieter than Monoblock units. Here the rather loud compressor sits in a separate housing on the outside wall of the building.

Another important criterion when choosing an air conditioner for the bedroom is inverter technology. This allows the performance of the compressor to be continuously regulated. This allows the bedroom’s air conditioning to run at a low speed, which significantly reduces the noise level. If the bedroom temperatures only need to be cooled by a few degrees, this technology shows its strengths.

An air conditioning system without inverter technology either runs at full power or does not cool at all. Apart from the louder noise in full load operation, the repeated switching between cooling and pausing is incredibly annoying. Due to the constant change, your sleep can be interrupted several times during the night. Endeavor to choose from the best company.