The Landscape Options You Need to Be Careful About

The landscapes of the condominium are important areas for the coexistence of the tenants and for the appreciation of the heritage. See below for simple tips ranging from plant purchase to landscape maintenance of patio paver design lake shore md. Guide your employees and check with the maintenance company if the tips below are being followed. The landscape company North Augusta SC service is the best option there for hardscaping brookline ma.


The guidelines of the landscaper or the seller of the plant are essential to define how often it should be watered. If not, check out these tips:

  • Plants exposed to the sun can be watered once or twice a week , but always with common sense. It is important to observe the reaction of the plant to, over time, water it more or less
  • Indoor pots do not normally require as much water as plants in the sun.
  • Planters that are in higher places or with high wind circulation need more attention, as they usually need more water to keep from drying out.
  • In summer, spring and warmer periods, plants should be watered on alternate days. In the coldest seasons, however, they should be watered less often.


The person responsible for the hardscaping lawn restoration fishers in must always be attentive to weeds. They can be removed mechanically, by hand or with a small hoe. The land needs to be fertilized three to four times a year. Each plant requires a type of fertilizer, so seek advice from professionals so as not to miss the type of fertilizer and the quantity.

  • Once a month it is important that a specialized professional apply specific poisons in the landscapes to combat fungi and pests. If done in the wrong way, this process can cause the death of plants and even put the health of those who did the work and the residents at risk.
  • The pruning process also requires lawn care matawan nj and some technical knowledge, as it can cause the plant to die. Ideally, they should be pruned by a landscapeer. Those that will be molded, such as boxwoods, can be pruned more easily and without risks
  • Do not add a new plant to the condominium landscape at random. Remember that plants do not only grow upwards, but also downwards. The size and type of the root can bring serious problems to the structure of buildings and houses.

The Maintenance Option

Regardless of the season, maintenance in landscapes in small to medium-sized condominiums should be done once a month, more specifically in periods of drought or drought when irrigation is an important procedure to be performed periodically.

It is necessary to observe the needs of each species, according to the season, as each one needs specific fertilizers

  • Treatments against pests and diseases deserve special attention because they can compromise any landscape.
  • Pruning should always be done when the species has large leaves and branches, or when it has dry or diseased branches.
  • Winter is the climatic season of the year that most affects plants, so it is important that the lawn is covered with substrate or sieved mixed soil to maintain moisture and strengthen the root system, in addition to cleaning pruning.


It is in the autumn that the cleaning of the beds and the specific chemical fertilization must be done; spring and summer are the seasons for pruning the grass, new chemical fertilizers peculiar to each species and correction of the soil pH if necessary.

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