Know More About Kitchen Designing Before Planning Your Renovation

A kitchen is considered to be the beating of every house because this is where you cook, share a meal and spend time with the family and friends. So, a place where you spend so much time has to be the focal point of interior design when you plan to renovate.

Gone are those days when just putting a fresh coat of paint and rearranging the stuff of the kitchen was considered as renovation. Modern interior designs have completely changed this notion, dedicated design and layouts are being prepared of the kitchen of every size.

So, if you are planning to revitalize the space where you spend so much time then you need to know the popular layouts of kitchen design but whatever design you opt for, it is important to keep the kitchen triangle of sink, refrigerator, and cook-top in mind. This triangle is the basic layout of all kitchens in Bronte. Ideally, the total distance from the sink to stove to refrigerator shouldn’t be less than 12 ft and not more than 27 ft and the distance between each should be between 4-9 feet. Also, it is recommended that the kitchen isle should have 42-48 inch width for people to manoeuvre easily and appliances to be opened easily.

So, here are some popular kitchen design layouts for kitchens:

U-shaped: This design has three walls compare to the two walls design of the other two. Here, the sink is positioned in the middle wall and the refrigerator and the cook-top are on the side walls opposite to each other. This design provides a lot of cabinet space. The only problem with this design is that it tends to make kitchens in Bronte darker. So, proper lighting is a big point of concern here.

L-shaped: This is one of the most popular layouts because it provides a good traffic flow in the kitchen. It has ‘L’ like design where the refrigerator is at one end and the cooktop is on the other with the sink in the middle. Here 2-3 appliances will be on the wall and you can opt for a centre island depending on the space.

Double L-shaped: This design is mainly used in large kitchens here you have more cabinet space than an L-shaped kitchen but the other features are the same as an L-shaped one.

G-shaped: This design is slowly becoming popular as it includes a fourth wall to use. This fourth wall can be used for different purposes like an island, a counter or a storage space. This design incorporates two sets of kitchen triangle so two people can cook at the same time.

Galley shaped: This design is best for apartment kitchens. With limited space to work with this layout positions the cook-top on one wall and the refrigerator and sink on the other and along with cabinets and other appliances positioned well into the wall, it brings a complete look to your kitchen.

So, these are some popular basic layout of modern kitchens in Bronte. Based on this layout you can use different material and colour to decorate your kitchen. But if you something different something exclusive then it is best to consult a dedicated kitchen designer.