10 Important Facts About Acrylic Paint You May be Interested To Know

The acrylic products are very commonly used in the contemporary world but very few know what acrylic is. Besides other usages of acrylic the acrylic print is very popular worldwide among the artists as well as image printing houses. Get your precious photos printed by Big acrylic prints. Here are a few facts about acrylic paint which you may be interested to know.

  1. The acrylic was first produced in 1928 (some other sources claim in the1940s but came to market in the 1950s) and was brought to the market by Rohm and Hass after five years. Acrylic was first used for military purposes during World War II.
  2. As soon as it was commercially available after the 1950s it became the first choice of artists and painters. Acrylic paint has its own special characteristics in plenty and over time exceeded the popularity than its other counterparts oil paints and watercolours.
  3. The acrylic paint contains a pigment which is further suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion binder. The pigment is the material which provides the paints with its colour and the binder keeps the pigment with the emulsion.
  4. The acrylic paint gives clear, sharp and bold effect to the deliverable which is why it has become the first choice of the painters.
  5. The acrylic paint dries faster than oil paints or watercolours. However, you can slow down the process of drying the acrylic paint by adding a retarded.
  6. Since the colours of acrylic are firm and permanent you can paint the layers much more easily than other paints like watercolour or oil paints. You can paint one layer over the other and the inside layer will not be visible once you paint over it.
  7. In order to give different creative textures, the painters add numerous mediums and other substances like sand, gels, rice etc. This has become a trend by the painters to experiment with various new mediums to explore how acrylic produces different effects to the mediums.
  8. Once you have completed painting using acrylic paint and once it is dry, it has a tendency of gathering dust further creating the possibilities of damaging the illumination and the sharpness. You are required to add a layer of varnish over the completed acrylic painting in order to protect it from accumulating dust.
  9. Normally, you need to paint cleaners to remove paints and colour in case of sophisticated oil and water paints. But in the case of acrylic,you just need ordinary soap and water to clean the acrylic from hand as well as from the brush.
  10. One of the most eminent acrylic painters is Andy Warhol who is known for the pioneering of pop art.a