How To Know If Your House Is Ready For A Pet

You’ve been thinking about it for a while and you’ve decided you want a pet. The idea of a cuddly canine roaming around the house fills you with joy; plus, the kids will love and learn from the experience too. Great, now all that’s left is to go out and buy one, right?

Wrong. Before you commit, it’s essential to analyse your house to make sure it’s ready for a new arrival. It’s not fair to the animal to bring it into a home that isn’t suitable. While you’re prepping for pets, look out for the signs that your home is ready.

Below are four telltale ones.

It’s Got Plenty Of Storage

Pets are like babies in the sense that they come with lots of stuff. From beds to bowls to a range of chew toys, you’re going to need enough space to store everything locally. Otherwise, your pet’s health might be at risk, or it might lash out due to boredom, cabin fever, or both. The amount of room you need depends on how good you are at multitasking. Cat and dog owners will be happy to know that exclusive food bundles are available at These packages eliminate the need to buy lots of tins and cut costs in the process. Still, you will need a decent amount of space or else your home will become cluttered and unnavigable.

It’s Close To Work

Some animals, like cats, are independent and are happy to go it alone given the opportunity. As long as they have a cat flap, they’ll come and go as they please without asking twice. Dogs are different as they need regular walks and lots of attention. Therefore, if your house isn’t close to work, it might not be a good idea. Leaving a pooch home alone all day has negative mental and physical side-effects.

The Bills Are Easy To Cover

You won’t think about your bills or your mortgage because they don’t seem to matter. Whether you have to relocate or not, the pet will come along as it’s part of the family. However, certain breeds of pets are better suited to specific living conditions. You wouldn’t keep a Newfoundland in a one-bedroom flat, for instance. If the bills are hard to cover and you might have to downsize one day, you should at least reconsider the type of pet you choose. A hamster will live pretty much anywhere.

The Area Is Pet-Friendly

Prepping for pets means considering how other people treat animals. If there are other dog owners in the neighbourhood that aren’t welcoming, your canine’s wellbeing might be at risk. Other features include parks for exercising and outdoor spaces to meet other pets and socialise. Even shops and pubs that let in animals is worth considering, and can help. Feline-lovers should think about traffic and road safety. Is it too close to a busy main road where there are accidents?

As well as the above, you should make sure it has pet-proof locks and latches and durable home decor materials.