What’s Holding the Modular Trend Back?


The construction sector has evolved rapidly over time due to technological advancements. Nowadays, construction projects are known to take a shorter period, unlike in the olden days where things were slow. All this has been made possible due to modular housing. Modular housing deals with manufacturing of construction equipment in factories and finally assembling them on site.
Modular houses have become popular among new homeowners, unlike before. Nevertheless, this hasn’t always been the case since modular housing has not only received many critiques in earlier years but is also being doubted by most contractors. As a result, we have developed a block to discuss the future of modular homes, not forgetting to mention the setbacks of modular houses.

Advantages of Modular Homes.

  1. Modular homes are eco-friendly. Modular homes are known to give builders an option to work with environmentally friendly equipment. Also, most of the waste resulting from developing modular houses are easy to manage and dispose. The designing and building modular homes have an insignificant effect on the environment. Lastly, most of the components used in building modular homes are recycles.
  2. Modular homes are cheaper, unlike traditional homes. Modular homes require less labour compared to conventionally built homes. Also, they are easy to build since it’s mostly focused on assembly. With the above factors to consider the price of modular homes is reduced. Hence modular homes are budget-friendly. On the other hand, modular homes can be costly, especially when invested in financially.
  3. Modular homes have a short construction window. Unlike traditional construction methods, modular homes deal with the assembly of already manufactured home parts. As a result, builders focus on assembly rather than construction. Also, modular construction saves on the time needed for walls to cement, unlike traditional homes.
  4. Modular homes are flexible and can be used to create multi-purpose shelters. With this option, one has the freedom to design and build whatever suits them. Modular homes offer multiple design approaches for homeowners, thus making them customisable. For instance, modular homes can be in the shape of an office, work studio, among others.
  5. Modular homes are more acoustic than onsite homes. In modular homes, construction is based on different modules of the house being connected to make a house. As a result, the house becomes more soundproof. Nonetheless, this is often not the case for traditional homes that of walls and ceilings that are not acoustic. Read more on the advantages of modular means of housing here.

Drawbacks of Modular Homes

  • Modular homes are incompatible with most luxurious design. This is because some of the features and components of modular homes are unsuitable with some home models.
  • Modular homes are restricted in most municipals. Although it’s an upcoming trend of house construction, most municipals have not yet embraced the construction of modular homes. As a result, has no option but to go with traditional construction.
  • Even though it costs less to build a modular house, the cost of land can at times be overwhelmingly high, especially if you are not prepared for it. As a result, most individuals tend to rent a home rather than make purchases of their own.
  • Modular homes are difficult to sell compared to onsite built homes. Modular homes are perceived to be of low quality by most individuals. All this is due to a false alarm and public preference of one product over the other.
  • Last but not least modular homes are not as long-lasting as onsite built homes. Most of the components used in modular construction are not as durable as onsite homes. As a result, modular homes have a shorter life span, unlike traditional homes. In addition, a modular house can be easily consumed by fire since they are mostly of timber.


When it comes to constructing your dream home, then it wouldn’t be enough to conduct in-depth research on what you want. Nonetheless, whether it’s a modular home or an onsite home, the big picture is to get the complete satisfaction of an exemplary home, regardless of what you’ve invested.