Top 5 Spring Annual Flowers to grow in lawns

Top 5 Texas Spring Flowers for Your Garden | Native Flowers

For most households, the dream is to update their standard garden to something more appealing. Flowers have been known to create that buzz by displaying beauty in every direction of the home. However, to turn that garden into something beautiful, you will need to learn some essential tips.

Growing decorative flowers can seem to be a simple task, but flowers growing can sometimes prove to be complicated. It would be best if you considered the humidity, temperature, and soil type before deciding which flowers to grow. 

Annual flowers are planted to only last a single season, but the flowers undergo the full growth cycle during the season. Proper lawn care ensures that the flowers bloom correctly. Some top annual flowers to consider are. 

1: Petunias

The fact that petunias can thrive in sunny conditions makes it among the best flowers to grow in spring. You can either plant the seeds or opt for the transplant. Watering once a week and applying sufficient fertilizer, ensure the flowers are excellent and blooming. 

The flowers exhibit a spectrum of colors that makes your lawn or backyard look beautiful. You can deadhead the dying parts to keep the flowers blooming.  

2: Zinnias

These magnificent flowers will make your lawn more colorful than ever. They are available in shades of pink, red, yellow, and orange. The flowers are easy to plant as you can choose between seeds and transplants. The flowers can be arranged in a beautiful way to give the garden an architecture design. 

The bright colors of the flowers also attract butterflies to your garden. They thrive well under the right sun conditions, which makes them suitable to plant during spring. They are useful for making floral arrangements when plucked. 

3: Pansies

The pansies are colorful flowers that are super beautiful and are compatible in most seasons. The flowers have large, bright petals that display different attractive colors. They are useful to plant in spring because they can survive well throughout the other seasons. Planting seedlings from scratch ensures the flowers bloom more early and make them easy to establish. 

You can plant the flowers independently or incorporate them with other beautiful flowers. Watering them is good to maintain good growth. You can plink out dead or faded flowers to give the flowers more bloom. 

4: Marigold

The flowers provide instant beauty to your garden as they bloom in all the seasons. They add a spectrum of brass, gold, and copper to the flowers. Some marigold flower species take longer to mature; thus, they are better planted in the spring. 

They can only bloom well when exposed to the right sun conditions. If you want to extend the blooming seasons, you can easily cut the flowers leaving the stem with its leaves. This will force it to produces new flowers. The marigold is particularly popular due to its ability to repel pest worms. You can plant the flowers next to your vegetables to repel off the damaging parasites. 


5: Impatiens 

Impatiens offer a beautiful and bright color that lights up any garden. They can be used in bedding or at a border. Planting them close to each other accelerates the growth process as they quickly grow together to produce a beautiful bright set. 

They do well when they are fertilized and watered several times during the week. They self-clean themselves; thus, it is not essential to do any deadheading. They do not fully thrive under full sun concentration and will wither when left without water. 

The spring is the best time to plant most annual flowers because the dangers of frosting have already passed. It is essential to maintain proper lawn management for the flowers to ensure they bloom and make your lawn as beautiful as possible.