What is a Burst Pipe?

Nobody wants to experience a burst pipe in the middle of the night. The same is true during a peaceful daytime. A burst pipe will send gallons of water out damaging your ceilings, floors, and walls. What’s worse is that they can also pose a danger when the water reaches electrical outlets.

The electricity may run in the water and cause electrocution to someone who got contact. Or the water can cause electricity to spark and cause a fire. The best way to prevent a burst pipe is the regular cleaning and maintenance of your plumbing system.

If it needs repair and replacement, you will need to find burst pipe plumber. They are the experts in resolving any burst pipe issue. Let’s find out what is a burst pipe.

What is a Burst Pipe?

A burst pipe is a cracked or ruptured pipe causing a large amount of water to flow within the pipeline. The water flow is so strong that it may cause flooding. It may cause damage to lives and properties. So, the first step to resolving a burst pipe issue is to shut down your water supply.

Most people who have experienced a burst pipe cannot forget it in their memories. This is because the experience is both stressful and traumatic. Imagine experiencing a flash flood in your home. It’s similar to what will happen if you’ve got a burst pipe.

What are the Common Causes of a Burst Pipe?

Water pipes burst because of many reasons. The most common culprit is freezing weather. When the water inside your pipes solidifies into ice, the water flow will be blocked. Eventually, solid water expands causing the pipes to crack or even resulting in a burst pipe. This is because pressure has been applied to the water pipe as the ice expands and solidifies.

Sometimes, the trees in our yard grow too big. Their roots become enlarged and may encroach anything that blocks them underground. Mostly, these are the water pipes in our households. When tree roots encroached the pipes, again, they’ll burst or crack eventually.

There are also cases when the soil around our water pipes shifted because of some construction works or tree roots. Hard soil and tree roots can damage them causing the water pipe to burst.

Depending on your location, your water supply may be hard. Hard water contains minerals that are harmful to water pipes. They leave sediments that eventually build up and solidify causing the pipes to burst or crack.

To prevent having a burst pipe, you need to find a burst pipe plumber and seek advice. They can also help you with the repair and replacement of your broken water pipes. They can as well address leak and faulty valve troubles.

Warning Signs of a Burst Pipe

There are some warning signs that we need to watch to pre-empt fixing a pipe that is at risk of bursting. A break in your water pipe can cause a gurgling noise because air is coming inside. It may also emit unusual odors in the drain, faucet, sink, or toilet.

Because of the break, the odor comes from the sewers as air enters the pipe. If you notice breaks, discolorations, or stains in the floors and walls where your water pipes run, it’s also an indication that water is leaking from a broken pipe. Water is also appearing where it shouldn’t be or sometimes, you may see a sinkhole in your yard.

What to Do If You Have a Burst Pipe?

The first thing you need to do if you encounter a burst pipe is to shut down your water supply. You may need to shut down your electricity as well for safety purposes. If the water flow persists, try flushing your toilet many times. It may help control the flow.

You need to find a burst pipe plumber immediately to address the problem. After the burst pipe plumber has fixed everything, document the damages in your household. If possible, take a picture of each damaged house appliances and fixtures. You will need the list and photos in case you’ll be filing for insurance coverage.