4 Metal Styles to Embroider Your Antique White Kitchen Cabinetry

The color white has always found its way into our homes in some form or the other. While some use it on their walls, others use it in their furniture. However, one location of a house that has seldom been subjected to the color white is the kitchen. The color white in the kitchen not only adds a pristine touch to the décor but also makes it appear larger and more spacious. And one of the best ways in which one can do it today is antique white kitchen cabinets.

However, we all know that there are different ways in which we can further complement our cabinetry, which in this case is white kitchen cabinetry. And in this blog, we shall be talking about how varied metal finishes can help you showcase your antique white kitchen cabinets better.

Here are 4 metal styles to give to your white kitchen cabinet design:

  1. Patina: This is a very appealing way of adding metal finish to your cabinetry. Although Patina basically is the thin layer that forms on the surface of metals like copper, bronze, and brass (basically tarnish); in this case, it is the amalgamation of different forms of aged metals. A true-to-form example of this style would be to incorporate galvanized pipe structures (for light fixtures), stainless steel (for hardware fixtures), along with aged brass hardware. All this along with the antique white kitchen cabinets is sure to give you a perfect vintage kitchen appearance.

  1. Island Showcasing: While style usually carries a sense of appearance, in this case, it is a piece of fixturethat we will be stressing upon here i.e., the kitchen island. While you have opted for a white kitchen cabinet design, showcasing your island can be done in a great way with the help of metal. If you have the oven on the island, you can opt for a copper range hood to compliment the white cabinetry. Another great way would be to install pendant lights over your island. Go for industrial styles e.g. bronze or brass pendants.

You can also opt for this style if you have walnut cabinets. The color itself has a vintage appeal and will be well complemented with this style.

  1. Worldly Look: As the name suggests, this style does not uphold any single style but many at once. With this look basically you can have a wholesome design that won’t go out of style any time soon. For this, you can opt for warm metals (like copper, brass, and gold) for your light fittings, and cool metals (like stainless steel and chrome) for hardware fixtures like taps, knobs, pulls, etc. along with antique white kitchen cabinets, they will provide great transitional space.

  1. Minimal and modern: Going with the wind is what this style incorporates. For this, the metal should of a cool nature (e.g. silver, stainless steel, or chrome). A great way to add this style to your white kitchen cabinetry, keeping in mind that you will have to be minimal, is to go for clear glass, metal (shiny, dull or matte), or industrial pendants. Opt for geometric shapes further stresses on the sleek modern appeal.

Other than white kitchen cabinetry, modern walnut cabinets are also a favorite among many. Due to their warm vintage appeal, they help you establish an overall classic look for your kitchen. Be it antique white kitchen cabinets or walnut kitchen cabinets, choosing the right metal finish lets you uphold your kitchen is a great manner.

These 4 fundamental metal styles show how you can get more out of your antique white kitchen cabinets. Just choose your favorite metal finish which you think is best suited for your kitchen space. What we need to keep in mind here is that each metal finish spoken about has more than one metal incorporated in the look. So, it will do good to have a clear idea about the different metals you want to opt for.