How Often Do You Need A Pest Inspection?

Having to pay the exterminator to check your home for pests isn’t something that most of us want to do. However, when it comes to effective pest control, identifying any issues sooner rather than later is always preferable. But how often should you have your home checked for pests, to make sure you identify any problems and potentially avoid any serious infestation issues in the future?

In general, you should probably call a professional, like this Cypress exterminator, to check your home for pests once a year. Not only will the pest control company identify any issues that you may have, they can also advise you when your next pest inspection should be. If you have had a serious infestation and didn’t suspect anything, it’s probably a good idea to have an inspection carried out sooner than 12 months, on the basis that being safe is better than sorry.

However, other factors also determine how often you may want to have a home inspection for pests carried out. Some pests, such as termites are more common in certain areas of the country than others, and if you live in one of those areas, a termite inspection every six months or so is recommended. Termites like a warm climate, so you are more likely to have a termite problem if you live in the south, southwest and southeast. If you live in a warm climate, you can potentially have a problem with bugs in your home year round, while homeowners in colder areas may have to deal with rodents and squirrels seeking the warmth and shelter of their home.

Older homes have a higher risk of having a termite infestation, and the location of your home can play a part too. If your home is next to woods or a forest, swampy ground or standing water, your chances of having a pest infestation are higher. The type of pest you are dealing with can also be a factor in determining the frequency of pest inspections. A rat infestation may mean more frequent visits from the technician to make sure the problem is fully under control, while a newer house built on rocky and dry terrain may only need one termite inspection every few years.

Unfortunately, an infestation can happen at any time, even if you take the trouble to have regular inspections of your home. It’s a good idea to check for obvious signs yourself, such as droppings on the floor of your home, tiny holes in the wood, or ants’ nests in your yard. If you suspect you have a termite infestation, calling out the professionals is the obvious next step, regardless of how recently they were last there. You can also take steps yourself to minimize the chances of a pest problem, by trimming back trees, removing wood from around your home, making sure food isn’t left out, and ensuring your roof is well sealed and secure. Getting rid of a pest infestation is usually a lot costlier than trying to prevent it in the first place.