Looking for HVAC contractors in your city? Don’t miss these 5 pointers!

When it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, you need a company that can be relied on. Beyond installation, HVAC systems need regular servicing and maintenance from time to time, at least once in a year. If you are in Montreal, working with the right HVAC contractor like B.Air would ensure many benefits. Expectedly, not all companies dealing in HVAC services are same, and it makes sense to do some initial research. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how to compare and select the right contractor in your city.

  1. Check the basics. An HVAC contractor should be licensed and insured. In Montreal, you should be looking for companies that hold RBQ and CCQ memberships. Keep in mind that expertise and experience are two aspects that cannot be discounted, and a professional company will have the necessary papers and permissions.
  2. An insured and trained team of heating & cooling experts. Repairmen and workers working with an HVAC company need to be trained for the job and should be bonded and insured. Repairing, installing and servicing air conditioners are risk jobs, and if the workers are not insured, any medical bill following a mishap could become the liability of the client.
  3. Check for guarantees. For new heating and air conditioning installations, you can expect to get a guarantee on the job. The best companies offer a warranty of at least six months to a year, but do ask in advance. Also, do discuss what happens if you are not happy with a certain repair job, or if the problem persists after payment.
  4. Emergency services. When you have dusty air filters, or the air conditioner is not working, you cannot expect to wait for days for the inspection & repair work to be done. Find an HVAC contractor that works around the clock and insist on getting help within a couple of hours. Also, check if the company is responsive and if they have a hotline number.
  5. Get estimates and references. If an HVAC contractor claims to be the best in business, they will have enough local clients, so getting references shouldn’t be a problem. You can also check their website for testimonials or can simply find reviews of the company on Google.

Lastly, no matter how small the job may seem, always get an estimate from the selected HVAC contractor. Hire a company that’s known and has a good repute in the local market.