Need Help With New Window Treatments? Find The Right Service!

Gone are days when homeowners would simply choose curtains that they liked. Today, window treatments are considered to be an integral part of contemporary décor, and the choices need to sync with existing themes and concepts. This is an era of customization, and the best dealers, such as Store Urbain from Montreal, partner with leading brands and designers to offer window coverings and dressings that are ideal for a client’s home. In this post, we are talking more on how you can seek help with window treatments, with a check on trends, practical aspects, budget and more. 

Selecting a dealer for window treatments

First and foremost, consider window treatments as an investment. While you may need to think of replacement at some point, the ideal curtains/blinds/coverings should last for at least a few years. Finding the right dealer is important, because you need to know all the right options and must be aware of the designs and choices that are viable for your home. We highly recommend that you find a dealer who has a retail store, so that you can check their products and offerings in person. Also, ask them to send in their experts, who can check your home and offer more tailored solutions, based on your current concerns and actual needs. 

Understanding the trends

The trends in curtains, blinds and window treatments change every couple of hours, but what matters more is practicality. For example, for homes that have really tall windows, it is wise to go for blinds that are motorized. In fact, motorized blinds are great for energy savings, and you can decide on the settings as required, so as to allow the amount of light you want around a particular hour or period of the day. In terms of prints and styles, florals are back in vogue, while many designers are also focusing on earthy, neutral tones that fit in perfectly for almost every contemporary home. Shades like green, mustard and yellow are great for homes that need a dash of color. 

Budget and more

Before you consider any particular window treatment, make sure that you have checked the pricing. If the designs and ideas are customized specifically for your home, you can expect to get an estimate in advance. The budget is a matter to discuss, but spending a tad more in dressing your windows is never a bad idea, especially with regards to design impact and functionality.