Planning a Kitchen Remodel? Consider These 3 Things First

At one point you may need to transform your kitchen and bring a new look, whether when moving into a new home or you just need to get rid of the old looking kitchen in terms of style and colour. Change comes with a lot of difficulties, but it brings a new refreshing look in the house. Here are some of the ways you can consider first to transform a kitchen on a tight budget.

1. Plan before starting the remodelling procedure

Planning ahead is something that will enable you not to incur a lot of loses. When you do not know what will happen ahead you may not know what to buy or remodel. Knowing ahead what you really want and how much you are willing to spend really helps in ensuring that you have everything you need and helps in saving a lot of time and money since having no enough supply can make the remodelling really expensive. Have a list of everything that you need from the beginning to the end. Decide on what you really what whether you want to give your kitchen a completely new look or just make a few changes.

2. Use what you have

A kitchen remodelling does not need you to use professional. There are a lot of materials that you may use to transform your place completely on a budget. Using the skills, you have learnt from your friends or tips you have gotten from the internet and this will be a bit cheaper than going hiring interior designers. Here are some of the things you can do to remodel your kitchen.


Some kitchen renovations such as decorations do not require professional skills therefore one can use DIY project which is rather cheap compared to hiring a contractor to do some of the kitchen renovations. This would help save money and keep you within your tight budget. Where some of the skills are beyond your capability you can hire a professional to save you from using twice the amount of money that you would use to pay a contractor.


Painting your kitchen is one of the cheapest methods to transform your kitchen and the good thing is that you don’t really need a professional to do the painting for you. This would help create a new vibrant look for your kitchen. You may use any colour of your choice, but most people prefer using a bright colour like white or cream. You may also go-ahead to paint the cabinets and the tables too but it’s good to prime them first. You can only do the replacement if they are really damaged replacing kitchen cupboard doors will need a professional so that they last for long.

Modify the storage

The walls can hold more than we think. You may add a very flexible cheap storage space from the local stores which you can use to hold things like pans, utensils and pots. This makes the kitchen look neater. You may also use a movable free standing shelve which can be easily taken out of the kitchen whenever you wish. Sorting out your kitchen will improve the whole look and this will not cost you anything.

Improve the kitchen lighting

This is so important especially if your kitchen is dim .it doesn’t need to be expensive you may purchase an overhead fixture which will help bring a new look in your kitchen. You may use an electrician when necessary.

3. Look for the best deal

When remodelling your kitchen, it is advisable to look for best deals around your place. You can visit the local stores and look for the best options in order to save money. If you’re planning on changing everything in the kitchen that is the cabinets and the floor you may consider visiting the wholesalers since they sell at cheaper prices compared to other retailers and this will help you save money. You can also wait for sales for particular shops as there are shops that give discounted items to their customers at a certain month of the year. This will save you a lot and you will save your cash for those items that you may not find them on offer.