The Many Types And Benefits Of Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are window coverings that offer more than traditional shutters. When they are opened, they provide a great view and let an ample amount of sunlight. When closed, they provide privacy and also block out heat and sunlight.

On the other hand, traditional shutters are used as an insulating window covering and today are used in homes that have an early American or country décor. Traditional shutters have small, narrow louvers; while plantation window coverings have a much wider louver style. With these window coverings, you have more control over the width of the louvers and larger louvers offer a wider, more scenic view.

Types of plantation coverings are rolling hurricane shutters, arched plantation coverings, exterior plantation coverings, double-hung plantation coverings, and bi-fold window coverings.

There are at least five ways plantation coverings add beauty and value to your home such as its durable design. Shutters are thick and sturdy and are not likely to rip or tear; however, blinds and shades are more prone to tears and rips. One example is PVC Shutters. Poly Vinyl Chloride shutters have been a long-time preferred shutter material. They also are fade-resistant and require little maintenance.

They also have a classic look. If you install interior shutters, you will give your home a classical look and they will also add value and appeal to your home. On the inside of your home, you will add an updated look and they work well with any home décor.

Most importantly, these coverings are energy efficient. They fit window frames nicely and they offer great insulation; better than standard blinds or shades. And, they offer great light control. Interior shutters are excellent when it comes to darkening a room. They fit snugly into your window frames and allow little light through the sides of the plantation shutters.

Also, there are health benefits to these shutters. When it comes to blinds and curtains, dust can accumulate and if not maintained, will cause allergy disturbances. On the other hand, plantation coverings are much easier to clean.

Another benefit is longevity. They are durable and will not lose their color. And, they come in a variety of colors. The choice of materials makes them a great option. You can choose from natural wood or aluminum or a choice of PVC. Added security is another benefit. Added security will lessen attempts by home invaders. And, they also add elegance to a home.

One of the most attractive features of plantation window coverings is that they become a part of the room instead of blending into the background. Also, they can be installed to fit any window of any size, and decorate your space by adding volume to difficult or odd-shaped windows.

Tips that will help you select the best plantation covering is to first consider the size of your windows. Check carefully the size of your windows. Of course, planning a budget is important when making this choice. Keep in mind; your budget will determine the type and materials you need for your window coverings.

Another tip is to consider your style. Choosing the right style will give your home a great and comfortable look. Also, think about the right color. Louvre sizing is also important. The size of the louver depends on the overall look and dimensions.

To conclude, plantation coverings are window coverings that offer more than traditional window enclosures. When they are opened, they provide a great view and let in a huge amount of light. Talk with a professional window coverage expert, like soon and find out if this window option would work for your home.