Popular home improvement trends in California

So, you are planning to make some changes in your home. You want it to look trendy, but you are not so sure how to achieve that goal. There is no need to worry for you can do so many things when it comes to renovating your house. Here we will provide you with some more information about popular home improvement trends in California. Of course, you do not have to use all of them. Just relax and read this article. Then you can decide what you like and what can work when your place is in question.


Some of the most popular home improvement trends in California are related to kitchen space. Before, a kitchen was just the place where food was prepared. Today it is different situation. Not only that the kitchen is the place in a home where the meals take place, but it is also the place where the whole family gathers and spends some quality time together. This resulted in kitchen becoming more spacious and open with some technological changes. Nowadays people choose their kitchen spaces to have big windows and often to be connected to their garden, which makes them look bigger with more light. In addition, the kitchen lights can turn on and off by just entering, leaving the space or pressing one button. The same goes for preparing coffee. Technology really is a miracle, right?

 A spacious kitchen with big windows is always a good option.

Kitchen space, popular home improvement trends in California


DIY is also becoming more and more popular home improvement trend in California. A great thing about it is people becoming more creative than before. They are more encouraged to explore with their imagination and to bring their ideas to the physical world of their house. This is also making apartments more original. In addition, people are becoming more personally attached to their homes for they are directly involved in making new furniture items or decorations.


Until now, it was common that one wall in a room is painted in bright or dark color. But not anymore. New trends are coming and bringing more colors. This means that it is not unusual to have the whole room in your house or flat painted completely in red or black. In addition, you can be more creative and paint something on your walls by yourself.


When furniture is in question, there are no rules. You can choose anything you like. But, keep in mind that all your furniture items are supposed to look good when combined together. If you need to move and are worried about transporting bulky furniture, hiring a professional moving company will save you.

Swimming pools

In California, more and more houses have swimming pools that look as if they are located in a forest. This trend inspired many people to make their gardens and swimming pools more natural.


When it comes to bathrooms, the minimalism is very popular in California. This means that bathroom spaces are usually in bright colors. Also, very often people choose the water-safe wooden floors for this place in their home. Moreover, you can choose the lights in special colors like green or pink to improve the atmosphere even more.

 Having a water-safe wooden floor in your bathroom is very popular.

A bathroom, popular home improvement trends in California


Wallpapers in different designs are one of the most popular home improvement trends in California. You can choose any design that you find suitable for your space. It can be floral in bright or pastel colors, it is up to you.


If you like plants, the fact that they are very popular today will surely encourage you to put some in your home. You can choose flower pots in different colors for each room in your house. Also, you do not have to choose just one kind of plants for decorating your space. It can be different kinds combined to suit perfectly a particular room.


Attention to details is extremely popular home improvement trend in California. You can choose whatever you like to decorate your flat and make it more homey. For this time of the year candles and string lights are perfect. Also, you can put lamps on little side tables in your living room and bedroom. Moreover, different pillows on your bed and armchairs will certainly make your house more cozy.

The ceiling

Nowadays it is very popular in California to highlight the ceiling. You can paint it in some bright color that you find suitable or decorate it with woodwork. See what will work perfectly for your home.

Open shelves

Having open shelves in your home is a trend that is both popular and affordable. In addition, it looks really good and makes your room look as if it is more spacious. There you can put your books, family photos in frames, little figurines or a couple of tea cups in bright colors. They will make your place look very sweet and comfy.

 Open shelves are both trendy and inexpensive.

Open shelves, popular home improvement trends in California


Making your place look brighter and more spacious than it really is is one of the most popular home improvement trends. People in California very often choose to provide big mirrors for rooms in their homes. It can look really great in your kitchen space, bedroom, living room or bathroom. Also, you can put one in your hallway if you like. If you are moving any time soon and you need help with relocating your large mirrors, feel free to check Mod Movers California.


Fireplaces are also becoming very popular when home improvements in California are in question. Definitely, they can improve the atmosphere in your house by making it warm and cozy. Also, people tend to feel more comfortable when sitting beside the fireplace.

Carpets and curtains

Having bright and colorful carpets and curtains that perfectly combine together is very trendy nowadays. In addition, deciding whether to put a carpet in your room or not seriously affects the look of your place. Moreover, choosing the right curtains for big windows is crucial when it comes to interior design in California.





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